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IPieChartRenderer Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IPieChartRenderer Interface

Provides access to members that work with additional chart renderer properties specific to pie charts.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read/write property FlanneryCompensation Indicates if Flannery Compensation is applied.
Read/write property MinSize Symbol size (points) corresponding to the minimum value.
Read/write property MinValue Minimum value (used for proportional sizing).
Read/write property ProportionalBySum Indicates if the size of pie chart symbols is determined by the sum of the values.
Read/write property ProportionalField Field used to determine size of the pie chart symbols.
Read/write property ProportionalFieldAlias Field alias for the proportional field.

Classes that implement IPieChartRenderer

Classes Description
ChartRenderer A chart renderer used to draw pie, bar, and stacked bar chart symbols.


Use this interface to set up sizing properties for a ChartRenderer that displays pie charts. If you want all of your pies to appear as the same size, then you do not need to use this interface.

There are three options for chart sizing. First, pies can all be the same size. Second, pies can be sized by the sum of the values making up the pie. For this set ProportionalBySum = True. Third, pies can be sized by a data value from a particular field. For this, set ProportionalField. As with other data values, this field is normalized before the pie is sized. You can change text string that appears in the legend for this field by setting the ProportionalFieldAlias. If you don't set this, ProportionalField will be used in the renderer's legend entry.

For either the second or third sizing options, you must set some additional properties on this interface. Set MinSize to the size in points of the radius of the smallest pie chart. Set MinValue to the data value corresponding to MinSize. FlanneryCompensation is a flag that indicates whether or not appearance compensation is applied when sizing the pie charts. See IProportionalSymbolRenderer::FlanneryCompensation to learn more. Generally it is advisable to set this to True.