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IQueryAttributes Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IQueryAttributes Interface

Provides access to members that control the Attribute query window.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Use the IQueryAttributes interface to manage the attribute query dialog.
First set the Application property with a reference to the application.
Then you may set the other properties: the selection CombinationMethod, the Layer on which the selection will be performed and optionally the default query expression in Expression.

The SelectFeaturesInLayerOnOK specifies whether or not the selection will be performed when the user clicks Apply in the dialog and whether or not error messages will be shown. Setting it to true may be useful only if you want to use this dialog to get some input and process it in some way of your own.

Open the dialog with the DoModal method. If you need to open the dialog as modeless you may cast the IQueryAttributes into an ImodelessQueryAttributes and use its Show method.

On return, the QueryFilter property contains the expression actually used for the selection. The CombinationMethod and Layer are also updated with the user's choices


Name Description
Write-only property Application Provides the window with a reference to the application.
Read/write property CombinationMethod CombinationMethod on form.
Method DoModal Shows attribute query window in a modal state.
Write-only property Expression Default expression.
Read/write property Layer Layer selected by the user.
Read-only property QueryFilter Provide a QueryFilter after form has been executed.
Write-only property SelectFeaturesInLayerOnOK When the user presses OK, select features. If there is an error, don't return. Default: FALSE.

Classes that implement IQueryAttributes

Classes Description
QueryAttributes Display query attribute dialog in Mx.

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