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IRasterCatalogLoader Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IRasterCatalogLoader Interface

Provides access to members that control rastercatalog loading.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read/write property Background The background value to filtered.
Read/write property ConnectionProperties The GeoDatabase connection properties.
Read/write property EnableBuildStatistics Indicates if statistics should be built on loading.
Read/write property Foreground The foreground value for 1-Bit images.
Read/write property IgnoreValues The ignore values for statistics.
Read-only property InvalidDatasets The current list of newline delimited failed dataset names.
Read-only property LastError The last loading error.
Read-only property LastLoadedDataset The last loaded dataset name.
Method Load Loads all raster datasets in a given directory into a raster catalog.
Method LoadDatasets Loads all raster datasets in a given name list file into a raster catalog.
Read/write property Projected Indicates if datasets are to be reprojected on loading.
Read/write property StorageDef The GeoDatabase storage definition.
Read/write property Transformed Indicates if datasets are to be transformed on loading.
Read/write property Workspace The GeoDatabase workspace.
Read/write property XSkipFactor The X skip factor for statistics.
Read/write property YSkipFactor The Y skip factor for statistics.

Classes that implement IRasterCatalogLoader

Classes Description
RasterCatalogLoader A raster catalog loader class.


The IRasterCatalogLoader interface provides functions to load a list of raster datasets or a directory of raster datasets to the given raster catalog. The storage parameters can be specified by StorageDef. If the raster datasets have transformations associated, the rasters can either be loaded and stored in its native spatial space and the transformation information stored separately; or transformed on-the-fly and the pixels stored in the transformed space. If the raster datasets have spatial reference that is different from the spatial reference of the raster column of the raster catalog, the rasters can either be projected on-the-fly or kept in its original spatial reference.

Load loads raster datasets in the given directory to the raster catalog.

LoadDatasets loads a list of raster datasets to the raster catalog.