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IRasterCleanup Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IRasterCleanup Interface

Provides access to members that control raster cleanup.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires ArcScan Extension.


Name Description
Read/write property BrushSize The brush size.
Read-only property EditState The raster editor's current edit state (see esriEditState).
Read/write property EraseSize The erase size.
Read/write property ForegroundColorActive Indicates whether the foreground color should be used for the active drawing color.
Method HasRasterEdits Indicates if edits have been made.
Read/write property LineWidth The drawing line width.
Read-only property Raster The raster currently being edited.
Method RasterChanged Called by operations when they've modified a portion of the edited raster.
Method Save Saves the edits.
Method StartRasterCleanup The raster cleanup started.
Method StopRasterCleanup The raster cleanup stopped.
Read-only property Transaction The current Raster editing transaction.

Classes that implement IRasterCleanup

Classes Description
RasterCleanup The Raster Cleanup Extension.


Raster cleanup operations occur within a raster editing transaction. Start a raster cleanup session via the IRasterCleanup::StartRasterCleanup method and end with IRasterCleanup::StopRasterCleanup. These methods correspond to the start and stop cleanup commands on the Raster Cleanup menu on the ArcScan toolbar. Note that you must also be in an ArcMap edit session while calling these methods.