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IRasterGeometryProc Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IRasterGeometryProc Interface

Provides access to members that allow raster geometry processing. Note: the IRasterGeometryProc interface has been superseded by IRasterGeometryProc3. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Method Clip Clips the input raster based on the specified envelope.
Method Flip Flips the input raster.
Read-only property IsPixelToMapTransSimple Indicates if the transformation of pixel to map is simple.
Method LeastSquareFit Computes a least squares fit for the input control points.
Method Merge Merges the input rasters into a single dataset.
Method Mirror Mirrors the input raster.
Method Mosaic Mosaics the input rasters into a single dataset.
Method PointsTransform Transforms a set of points based upon the transformation being applied to the input raster.
Method Project Projects the input raster using specified transformation type.
Method ProjectFast Projects the input raster using a single polynomial fit to compute the adjustment between coordinate systems.
Method Rectify Persists the input raster to a new dataset of the specified format.
Method Register Outputs the current transformation properties to the dataset header or auxilliary file.
Method Resample Resamples the input raster to a new cellsize.
Method ReScale Scales the input raster by the specified x and y scale factors.
Method Reset Resets the input raster to its native coordinate space.
Method Rotate Rotates the input raster around the specified pivot by an angle specified in degrees.
Method Shift Shifts the input raster by deltaX and deltaY map units.
Method TwoPointsAdjust Performs a Hermite transformation on the input raster based upon the 2 input control point pairs.
Method Warp Warps the input raster based upon the input control points using the transformation type specified.

Classes that implement IRasterGeometryProc

Classes Description
RasterGeometryProc A mechanism to perform raster geometric operations, such as flip, rotate, and merge on rasters.


The RasterGeometryProc manipulates only Raster objects, not RasterBand or RasterDataset object. This is because the Raster is transient, as are the effects of the RasterGeometryProc. This means that any transformation will also go away when the Raster object goes out of scope.

To keep the transformed data for later use, you must persist the transformation using Register or Rectify. If used on a Raster contained within a RasterLayer, processing performed by this object will be visible when the display is refreshed.

Although Merge and Mosaic take Raster object as an input, any changes to the Raster object before calling the two methods will be ignored.