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IRasterLoader Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IRasterLoader Interface

Provides access to members that control data loading.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read/write property Background The background value to filtered.
Read/write property Foreground The foreground value for 1-Bit images.
Method Load Loads (mosaics) a Raster into a RasterDataset.
Method LoadRasters Loads (mosaics) an array of Rasters into a RasterDataset.
Read/write property MosaicColormapMode The colormap mode for loading psdeucolor raster datasets.
Read/write property PixelAlignmentTolerance The pixel alignment tolerance.

Classes that implement IRasterLoader

Classes Description
RasterLoader A raster loader class.


The IRasterLoader interface allows you to specify certain ways to load raster data into an existing raster dataset.

The Background property sets the background value of the input raster to be ignored when loading. If the input raster has multiple bands, the background value will be applied to all the bands.

The Foreground property sets the foreground pixel value for a one-bit raster data.  When loading one bit raster data to ArcSDE, you can set this value to 255 so that the one bit raster will be loaded as eight bit.  For a one-bit file based raster, its pyramids are calculated and stored using eight-bit data range, so the display of pyramid layers is more pleasant than one-bit pyramid layers.  ArcSDE doesn’t allow pyramid layers have different bit depth from the base data, so by setting this property the ArcSDE will store both base data and pyramid layers as eight-bit data.

The MosaicColormapMode property sets the operation mode for colormap manipulation.  The rstMosaicColormapMode enumeration includes four modes: MM_FIRST, MM_LAST, MM_MATCH, MM_REJECT.

MM_REJECT mode does not allow mosaic of rasters with colormap;
MM_FIRST mode uses the first colormap (the colormap of the existing dataset)
MM_LAST mode uses the last colormap (the colormap of the raster to be loaded)
MM_MATCH mode matches the colormap of the raster to be loaded to the existing dataset and remap the pixel values (colormap indexes) of the raster
The ArcSDE dataset colormap will be automatically updated (dropped and then loaded again).

The PixelAlignmentTolerance property sets the tolerance for resampling.

The Load method appends the input raster into the existing raster dataset.

The LoadRasters methods appends an array of rasters into the existing raster dataset.

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