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IRouteMeasureCreator.CreateUsingPoints Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IRouteMeasureCreator.CreateUsingPoints Method

Create routes from polylines using points to assign measures.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function CreateUsingPoints ( _
    ByVal pointSelection As ISelectionSet, _
    ByVal pointRIDFieldName As String, _
    ByVal pointMeasureFieldName As String, _
    ByVal updateHow As Integer, _
    ByVal ignoreGaps As Boolean, _
    ByVal tolerance As Double, _
    ByVal allInputFeatures As Boolean, _
    ByVal outputFClassName As IFeatureClassName, _
    ByVal outputGeometryDef As IGeometryDef, _
    ByVal configKeyword As String, _
    ByVal trackCancel As ITrackCancel _
) As IEnumBSTR
public IEnumBSTR CreateUsingPoints (
    ISelectionSet pointSelection,
    string pointRIDFieldName,
    string pointMeasureFieldName,
    int updateHow,
    bool ignoreGaps,
    double tolerance,
    bool allInputFeatures,
    IFeatureClassName outputFClassName,
    IGeometryDef outputGeometryDef,
    string configKeyword,
    ITrackCancel trackCancel
HRESULT CreateUsingPoints(
  ISelectionSet* pointSelection,
  BSTR pointRIDFieldName,
  BSTR pointMeasureFieldName,
  long updateHow,
  VARIANT_BOOL ignoreGaps,
  double tolerance,
  VARIANT_BOOL allInputFeatures,
  IFeatureClassName* outputFClassName,
  IGeometryDef* outputGeometryDef,
  BSTR configKeyword,
  ITrackCancel* trackCancel
pointSelection [in]

pointSelection is a parameter of type ISelectionSet* pointRIDFieldName [in]
pointRIDFieldName is a parameter of type BSTR pointMeasureFieldName [in]
pointMeasureFieldName is a parameter of type BSTR updateHow [in]
updateHow is a parameter of type long ignoreGaps [in]
ignoreGaps is a parameter of type bool tolerance [in]
tolerance is a parameter of type double allInputFeatures [in]
allInputFeatures is a parameter of type bool outputFClassName [in]
outputFClassName is a parameter of type IFeatureClassName* outputGeometryDef [in]
outputGeometryDef is a parameter of type IGeometryDef* configKeyword [in]
configKeyword is a parameter of type BSTR trackCancel [in]
trackCancel is a parameter of type ITrackCancel*

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The CreateUsingPoints method creates a route feature class by taking input a Polyline feature class and a selection set of Points or Multipoints which represent the calibration points to be used to set the measures of the Polyline.  The calibration points are features inside a feature class, which contain fields pointRIDFieldName and pointMeasrueFieldName .  The pointRIDFieldName field is the route identifier (the line feature in the InputFeatureClass) the calibration point refers to.  The pointMeasureFieldName field contains the calibration measure values. 

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