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ISceneGraph2 Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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ISceneGraph2 Interface

Provides access to members that control and manipulate the scene graph.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires 3D Analyst Extension.


Name Description
Read/write property ActiveViewer The active viewer.
Method AddSimpleActor Constructs a simple actor (layer visualization subgraph).
Method AddSimpleGraphics Constructs a simple graphics node.
Method BeginCompositeActor Creates a composite layer node and notifies the scene graph that subsequent actors must be added as children.
Method Clear Resets the scene graph.
Read/write property Contrast The contrast coefficient.
Read/write property CurrentViewer The current viewer.
Method EnableRefresh If true, enables refreshing of viewers.
Method EndCompositeActor Notifies the scene graph that the definition of a group layer has ended.
Read-only property Extent The extent of the scene graph content.
Method FindViewer Finds the Viewer.
Read-only property GeographySelectionExtent The volumetric bounding box of selected features.
Read/write property GestureEnabled Indicates if the mouse gestures are supported.
Method GetAllViewers Returns all registered Viewers.
Method GetBackgroundColor Returns the background color.
Method GetDrawingTimeInfo Returns the duration in seconds of last redraw and the average number of frames per second.
Method GetOwnerSymbols Returns an array containing all symbols used in a layer and their corresponding display list identifications.
Method GetOwnerTransparency Get the transparency percentage of an owner as stored in the scene graph.
Read/write property ImmediateMode Indicates if immediate-mode rendering for the whole scene is being used.
Method Invalidate Invalidates acts representing an object.
Read-only property IsEmpty Indicates if the content of the scene graph is empty.
Read/write property IsNavigating Indicates if the scene graph is in navigation mode.
Read/write property IsRecordingMessageEnabled Indicates if the scene graph provides visual feedback during recording.
Method Locate Locates a single object.
Method LocateMultiple Locates multiple objects.
Method LockViewers Locks the viewer cameras in position.
Read-only property OwnerExtent The full or selected extent of a layer.
Write-only property OwnerExtrusion The scene graph information about a layer extrusion.
Method QueryLocation Locates a single object.
Method RecordSymbol Creates the display list with the given identification for the symbol and its extrusion state (for points and lines).
Method RefreshViewers Redraws all viewers.
Method RegisterViewer Adds a viewer to the scene graph.
Method Remove Removes actors representing an object.
Method ReplayFrame Uses the camera to redraw a frame.
Read/write property Scene The scene.
Read/write property SelectionColor The selection color.
Method SetBackgroundColor Sets the background color.
Method SetOwnerDepthPriority Sets the depth offset of layers.
Method SetOwnerFaceCulling Sets retained or immediate mode for the owner.
Method SetOwnerImmediateMode Sets retained or immediate mode for the owner.
Method SetOwnerLightingOption Sets the lighting state of layers.
Method SetOwnerNavigationVisibility Sets the visibility of layers depending on navigating state.
Method SetOwnerShadingMode Sets the shading mode (smooth or flat) of layers.
Method SetOwnerTimeThreshold Sets the time threshold to use lowest level of detail in layers when navigating.
Method SetOwnerTransparencyState Sets transparency enabling flag for the owner.
Method SetOwnerVisibility Sets the visibility of acts representing an object.
Method SetupProjection Sets projection properties of the current rendering context.
Read/write property SunVector The sun vector.
Method UnregisterViewer Removes a viewer from the scene graph.
Read/write property VerticalExaggeration The vertical exaggeration factor.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ISceneGraph Provides access to members that control and manipulate the scene graph.

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