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IStatusBar Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IStatusBar Interface

Provides access to members that define the application statusbar.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The status bar is the horizontal area at the bottom of an ArcGIS application window. It provides information about the current state of the application.

The status bar provides information about the selected command, and may also display a progress bar while something is being processed. For example, if you select a layer in the table of contents in ArcMap, the status bar will tell you how many features are currently selected.

The IStatusBar interface allows you to set the properties of the status bar. Use IApplication::StatusBar to get a reference to the status bar object of the application.


Name Description
Method HideProgressAnimation Hides the progress animation.
Method HideProgressBar Hides the progress bar.
Read/write property Message The message displayed by one of the status bar panes.
Read/write property Panes Indicates which standard panes are shown by the status bar. Use a combination of esriStatusBarPanes constants.
Method PlayProgressAnimation Plays the progress animation if the parameter is true; otherwise stops it.
Read-only property ProgressAnimation The progress animation object on the statusbar.
Read-only property ProgressBar The progress bar object on the statusbar.
Method ShowProgressAnimation Makes the progress animation visible.
Method ShowProgressBar Makes the progress bar visible.
Method StepProgressBar Steps the progress bar to the next position.
Read/write property Visible Indicates if the statusbar is visible.

Classes that implement IStatusBar

Classes Description
MxStatusBar (esriArcMapUI) MxStatusBar object.


The status bar is divided into sections called panes. The Panes property specifies which panes of the status bar are currently visible.

The ProgressBar property and the HideProgressBar, ShowProgressBar, and StepProgressBar methods are used to control the step progress bar on the status bar.

The ProgressAnimation property and the HideProgressAnimation, ShowProgressAnimation, and PlayProgressAnimation methods control the animation progressor (spinning globe) on the status bar. The animation progressor displays in the animation pane. You can use the default spinning globe for the animation progressor or specify your own animation file (.avi).

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