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ITemporalLayer3 Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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ITemporalLayer3 Interface

Provides access to properties and methods needed to manage temporal layer functionality.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Tracking Analyst Extension.


Name Description
Read/write property ActionCollection The collection of action objects for this temporal layer.
Read-only property AreaOfInterest The default area of interest for the layer.
Read/write property Cached Indicates if the layer needs its own display cache.
Read/write property CacheFeatures Controls whether Features are cached in the renderer's feature memory or are read from the feature class.
Read/write property DisplayFutureEvents Indicates whether or not to display future events for a real-time data layer.
Read/write property DisplayOnlyLastKnownEvent Indicates whether to display only the last known temporal event or all events in a layer.
Method Draw Draws the layer to the specified display for the given draw phase.
Read-only property EventIDFieldName Indicates the field containing the EventID information for the data.
Read/write property FeatureCacheWindow Determines the number of features to cache if the CacheFeatures property is true.
Read/write property MaximumScale Maximum scale (representative fraction) at which the layer will display.
Read/write property MinimumScale Minimum scale (representative fraction) at which the layer will display.
Read-only property MostCurrentInTrack Returns the most current feature within the given track.
Read/write property Name Layer name.
Method ProcessActions Apply the actions, contained in the action collection, to this temporal layer.
Method QueryTemporalExtent Obtain the start and end temporal values of the temporal layer's features.
Read/write property RelativeTimeColor Indicates a relative color differential based on temporal class characteristics.
Read/write property RelativeTimeOperator The relative time operator, containing the temporal offset to adjust the temporal values of this temporal layer.
Read/write property Renderer Controls the temporal renderer for the layer.
Read/write property ShowTips Indicates if the layer shows map tips.
Write-only property SpatialReference Spatial reference for the layer.
Read-only property SupportedDrawPhases Supported draw phases.
Method SuspendIndexing This method suspends or resumes indexing on a temporal layer.
Read-only property TemporalFieldName Identifies the temporal field, which must be a field type with data that can be converted to a date value.
Read/write property TemporalLegendGroup Group of temporal legend classes that define the temporal intervals and symbology used by the temporal renderer.
Read/write property TemporalReference Defines the reference in time used to draw, identify, or perform other layer-based activities.
Read-only property TipText Map tip text at the specified location.
Read-only property Valid Indicates if the layer is currently valid.
Read/write property Visible Indicates if the layer is currently visible.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ITemporalLayer Provides access to properties and methods needed to manage temporal layer functionality.

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