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ITerrain.QueryTileInfo Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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ITerrain.QueryTileInfo Method

Returns horizontal partitioning information about the terrain data.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub QueryTileInfo ( _
    ByRef pRowBegin As Integer, _
    ByRef pRowEnd As Integer, _
    ByRef pColBegin As Integer, _
    ByRef pColEnd As Integer, _
    ByRef pXMin As Double, _
    ByRef pYMin As Double, _
    ByRef pTileSize As Double, _
    ByRef pRowCountDomain As Integer, _
    ByRef pColCountDomain As Integer _
public void QueryTileInfo (
    ref int pRowBegin,
    ref int pRowEnd,
    ref int pColBegin,
    ref int pColEnd,
    ref double pXMin,
    ref double pYMin,
    ref double pTileSize,
    ref int pRowCountDomain,
    ref int pColCountDomain
HRESULT QueryTileInfo(
  System.Int32* pRowBegin,
  System.Int32* pRowEnd,
  System.Int32* pColBegin,
  System.Int32* pColEnd,
  System.Double* pXMin,
  System.Double* pYMin,
  System.Double* pTileSize,
  System.Int32* pRowCountDomain,
  System.Int32* pColCountDomain
pRowBegin [out]

pRowBegin is a parameter of type long* pRowEnd [out]
pRowEnd is a parameter of type long* pColBegin [out]
pColBegin is a parameter of type long* pColEnd [out]
pColEnd is a parameter of type long* pXMin [out]
pXMin is a parameter of type double* pYMin [out]
pYMin is a parameter of type double* pTileSize [out]
pTileSize is a parameter of type double* pRowCountDomain [out]
pRowCountDomain is a parameter of type long* pColCountDomain [out]
pColCountDomain is a parameter of type long*

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The feature dataset containing the terrain is logically tiled, in its entirety, to form the tile scheme with its origin in the southwest corner. Tiles are square. Row and column numbering starts at base 1. The data area of the terrain may not fill the extent of the feature dataset so it's possible that only a subset of rows and columns are involved. This method provides the info about those tiles overlapping the terrain extent.

The returned row and column numbers represent the rectangular subset of tiles that intersect the terrain extent. Row and column numbering start at base 1 with the first row and column being in the southwest corner of the feature dataset.

The xmin and ymin are the real world coordinates for the lower left corner of the origin tile of the terrain.

The tilesize is the horizontal length of one of the square tiles and is equal to that specified when the terrain was created.

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