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ITrafficDataManager.StartEditing Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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ITrafficDataManager.StartEditing Method

Starts a new edit session for tracking edits to a new dynamic traffic file.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub StartEditing ( _
    ByVal feedUTCStartTime As DateTime, _
    ByVal estimatedKeyCount As Integer, _
    ByVal timeSliceCount As Integer, _
    ByVal firstTimeSliceUTCStartTime As DateTime, _
    ByVal TimeSliceDurationInMinutes As Integer, _
    ByVal speedUnits As esriNetworkAttributeUnits, _
    ByVal updateIntervalInMinutes As Integer, _
    ByVal feedVersionNumber As Integer _
public void StartEditing (
    DateTime feedUTCStartTime,
    int estimatedKeyCount,
    int timeSliceCount,
    DateTime firstTimeSliceUTCStartTime,
    int TimeSliceDurationInMinutes,
    esriNetworkAttributeUnits speedUnits,
    int updateIntervalInMinutes,
    int feedVersionNumber
HRESULT StartEditing(
  DATE feedUTCStartTime,
  long estimatedKeyCount,
  long timeSliceCount,
  DATE firstTimeSliceUTCStartTime,
  long TimeSliceDurationInMinutes,
  esriNetworkAttributeUnits speedUnits,
  long updateIntervalInMinutes,
  long feedVersionNumber
feedUTCStartTime [in]

feedUTCStartTime is a parameter of type DATE estimatedKeyCount [in]
estimatedKeyCount is a parameter of type long timeSliceCount [in]
timeSliceCount is a parameter of type long firstTimeSliceUTCStartTime [in]
firstTimeSliceUTCStartTime is a parameter of type DATE TimeSliceDurationInMinutes [in]
TimeSliceDurationInMinutes is a parameter of type long speedUnits [in]
speedUnits is a parameter of type esriNetworkAttributeUnits updateIntervalInMinutes [in]
updateIntervalInMinutes is a parameter of type long feedVersionNumber [in]
feedVersionNumber is a parameter of type long

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


StartEditing must be called before Insert and StopEditing, in order to begin the process of creating a dynamic traffic file. 

EstimatedKeyCount should be a value close to the number of keys that are going to be inserted into the traffic file.  This value is used to help manage memory allocation for inserts.

TimeSliceCount is the number of time ranges for which each key will have a speed.

FirstTimeSliceUTCStartTime is the time associated with the first time range for each inserted key.

TimeSliceDurationInMinutes is the duration, in minutes, that each time slice should represent. 

SpeedUnits is the units of measurement that will be associated with the speed values included in key inserts.

UpdateIntervalInMinutes is used by the solver to know when it should attempt to retrieve the next available DTF.  When scheduling traffic updates that repeat periodically, make this update interval value match how often new data updates occur.

The combination of TimeSliceCount, TimeSliceDurationInMinutes, and FirstTimeSliceUTCStartTime give the TrafficDataManager the information it needs to set up the schema of the dynamic traffic file.  For example, 2 time slices of 15 minutes each that start at 08:00 will create 2 ranges of time from 08:00 to 08:14:59 and 08:15 to 08:29:59.

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