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IUniqueValueTextRenderer Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IUniqueValueTextRenderer Interface

Provides access to methods and properties that support using text for symbolizing temporal events.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Tracking Analyst Extension.


Name Description
Method AddReferenceValue Adds a value to the renderer to be grouped with the refValue, which has already ben added to the renderer.
Method AddValue Adds a value and correstonding symbol to the list.
Read/write property ColorScheme Color scheme (user interface property only).
Read/write property DefaultLabel Label used for unspecified values.
Read/write property DefaultSymbol Symbol used to draw any unspecified values (may be NULL).
Read/write property Description Description for the specified label.
Read/write property Field Field at the specified index that is used to categorize features.
Read/write property FieldCount Number of fields used by the renderer (0-3).
Read/write property FieldDelimiter Delimiter used to separate field values.
Write-only property FieldType Indicates if the field at eth specified index is a string.
Read/write property Heading Heading that contains the specified value.
Read/write property Label Label for the specified value.
Read/write property LookupStyleset Style used for matching (user interface property only).
Read-only property ReferenceValue Reference value for the specified value.
Method RemoveAllValues Removes all values from teh renderer.
Method RemoveValue Removes a value from the renderer.
Read/write property Symbol Symbol associated with the specified value.
Read/write property UseDefaultSymbol Indicates if DefaultSymbol is used for drawing unspecified values.
Read/write property Value Value at the specified index.
Read-only property ValueCount Number of unique values used to categorieze the data.

Classes that implement IUniqueValueTextRenderer

Classes Description
UniqueValueTextRenderer This is a feature renderer that supports rendering points using values from a field in the feature class.