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Using the LicenseControl (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Using the LicenseControl

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About using the LicenseControl

The LicenseControl initializes an application with a suitable license or licenses so it can run successfully on any machines it is deployed to. The LicenseControl configures licenses at application start time when the form or dialog box containing the LicenseControl is loaded. Use the LicenseControl to automatically perform license initialization in simple graphical user interface (GUI) applications using the MapControl, PageLayoutControl, GlobeControl, SceneControl, TOCControl, ToolbarControl, or SymbologyControl.
If greater control is required over license initialization, particularly when checking out and checking in extension licenses (the LicenseControl checks out extension licenses for the duration of an application's life), use the AoInitialize object in the System library to programmatically perform license initialization.
The LicenseControl is visible in a visual design environment but is invisible at run time; therefore, unlike the other controls, the LicenseControl does not provide any user interface in an application. In design time, the LicenseControl property pages must be used to configure the application with product and extension licenses. The LicenseControl is only available with the Component Object Model (COM) ActiveX Control and .NET Windows Control application programming interfaces (APIs).

Loading an ArcGIS runtime

Stand-alone ArcGIS applications must locate the appropriate ArcGIS product installation before any ArcObjects code (including license initialization) is called. The APIs used to bind to the appropriate ArcGIS runtime is in the ESRI.ArcGIS.RuntimeManager class in the ESRI.ArcGIS.Version namespace. Runtime binding code should be added to the application's entry point.

Properties dialog box descriptions

The following describes each area on the Properties dialog box:

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