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LocationUI Namespace Contents (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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LocationUI Namespace Contents

The LocationUI library provides user interfaces including property pages to support objects contained in the Location library.


Interface Description
IAddressFindData Provides access to members for inspecting address candidates in the Find dialog.
IAddressUI Provides access to members for opening locator user interface dialogs.
IAddressUI2 Provides access to members for opening locator user interface dialogs.
IGxLocatorFilter Provides access to members that control which locators are displayed.
ILocatorExtension Provides access to members that control the set of locators in an ArcMap document.
ILocatorExtensionEvents Provides access to events that occur when locators are added to or removed from an ArcMap document.
ILocatorStyleUI Provides access to members for selecting a locator style.
IProtectNameLocationUI Provides access to dummy methods protecting name correctness.


Class Description
AddressFindData An address candidate from the Find dialog.
AddressLocatorUI A user interface for an address locator.
CompositeLocatorUI User interface for composite locators.
EventFinder Dialog for finfing events in a map.
FindAddresses A plug-in for the Find dialog that finds addresses on a map.
GxAddressLocatingPropPage A property page for geocoding settings for feature classes in ArcCatalog.
GxAddressLocatorExtension A database extension for address locators.
GxFilterAddressLocators A filter that controls which address locators are displayed.
GxLocator A locator representation in ArcCatalog.
GxLocatorFactory A class that generates locator GxObjects for ArcCatalog.
HatchClassPropertyPage Property page for managing hatch classes.
HatchDefEndPropertyPage Property page for managing end hatch definitions.
HatchDefPropertyPage Property page for managing line hatch definitions.
HatchExtension A container for defining the route hatching extension and describing its current state.
HatchPropertyPage Polyline M Hatch Property Page.
HatchStyleGalleryClass Use to create new hatch style items.
HatchStylePropertyPage Hatch Style Property Page.
HatchStyleSelector Style selector for hatches.
HatchTemplatePropertyPage Property page for managing hatch templates.
LocatorExtension An extension for locators in ArcMap.
LocatorStyleUI A user interface for selection locator styles.
MGRSLocatorUI A user interface for an address locator.
MxAddressInspectorTool Displays Address of a Location Using Application's Current Locator.
MxGeocodeUseExtentCommand A command for setting the use of the current map extent when finding locations.
MxGeocodingToolbar Geocoding Toolbar.
MxLocatorManager2Control Management of the Locators.
MxPickAddressCommand MxAddressInspectorTool Pick Address command.
NewAddressLocatorMenuItem New Address Locator Menu Item.
NewCompositeAddressLocatorMenuItem New Composite Address Locator Menu Item.
RouteEventsSourcePageExtension Data source extension for Route Event data sources.
RoutePropertyPage Property page for route feature layers.
RSLocatorUI User interface for RS address locators.
SingleLineSearchControl Make a Search of Address Based on Entered String Using Application's Current Locator.
XYDataSourcePageExtension Data source extension for XY data sources.