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Spatial Analyst objects overview (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Spatial Analyst objects overview

This topic provides a brief discussion on the Spatial Analyst object model.

About Spatial Analyst objects

Spatial Analyst objects provide an easy to customize environment for model and application development. Spatial Analyst objects work closely with the objects from the DataSourcesRaster library. These objects are used to access, analyze, manage, convert, and visualize raster data.

The Spatial Analyst object model is composed of a collection of objects to perform raster analysis. The following are the three main types of objects:
  • Objects that support the overall analysis environment (for example, RasterAnalysis)
  • Objects that perform analysis operations, such as slope, aspect, and zonal statistics
  • Objects that are used to specify arguments, such as a neighborhood in a focal statistics operation
The objects that perform analysis operations represent a functional group of similar type of analysis. For example, CostDistance, CostAllocation, EucDistance, CostPath, and so on, are methods of the RasterDistanceOp. These objects are sometimes referred to as operators. Spatial Analyst objects are divided among the following three different object libraries:
  • GeoAnalyst
  • SpatialAnalyst
  • SpatialAnalystUI
Each of these libraries contains some, but not all, of the coclasses and interfaces used in the Spatial Analyst extension. Spatial Analyst objects are divided in this manner because of different licensing schemes. Some of the conversion objects in the GeoAnalyst library are available with the core ArcEngine product, and some analysis objects are available with the 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst extension. Objects in SpatialAnalyst and SpatialAnalystUI libraries are available only with the Spatial Analyst extension.

Development licensing Deployment licensing
ArcGIS Desktop Basic: Spatial Analyst ArcGIS Desktop Basic: Spatial Analyst
ArcGIS Desktop Standard: Spatial Analyst ArcGIS Desktop Standard: Spatial Analyst
ArcGIS Desktop Advanced: Spatial Analyst ArcGIS Desktop Advanced: Spatial Analyst