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How to access OGC WCS coverage (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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How to access OGC WCS coverage

Accessing OGC WCS coverage

To access a coverage served through an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Coverage Service (WCS) server, see the following code example:
//WCS service uniform resource locator (URL).
string URL="http://liaoning1/arcgis/services/dem/mapserver/wcsserver?";

//Create WCSLayer from the first coverage.
IWCSLayer wcslayer=new WCSLayerClass();
wcslayer.Create(URL, "1", "1.0.0");

//Access raster.
IRasterLayer rasterlayer=(IRasterLayer)wcslayer;
IRaster2 raster=(IRaster2)rasterlayer.Raster;

//Access raster dataset.
IRasterDataset rasterdataset=raster.RasterDataset;
'WCS service uniform resource locator (URL).
Dim URL As String="http://liaoning1/arcgis/services/dem/mapserver/wcsserver?"

'Create WCSLayer from the first coverage.
Dim wcslayer As IWCSLayer=New WCSLayerClass()
wcslayer.Create(URL, "1", "1.0.0")

'Access raster.
Dim rasterlayer As IRasterLayer=CType(wcslayer, IRasterLayer)
Dim raster As IRaster2=CType(rasterlayer.Raster, IRaster2)

'Access raster dataset.
Dim rasterdataset As IRasterDataset=raster.RasterDataset

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