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How to create an ApproximationXform (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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How to create an ApproximationXform

This topic shows how to create an ApproximationXform class. An ApproximationXform class can be used to approximate a geodata transformation, which is computationally expensive, to improve the transformation speed.

Creating an ApproximationXform

The AppriximateXform uses a defined grid to approximate the GeodataXform. The following code example defines a grid of 32 x 32 pixels and a tolerance of 10. Rather than calculating transformation for each pixel, this ApproximateXform calculates on the grid if the error is within the defined tolerance and subdivides the grid if the error is larger than the tolerance.
public IApproximationXform CreateApproximateXform(IGeodataXform xform)
    //Create an approximation of xform.
    IApproximationXform approximateXform=new ApproximationXformClass();

    //Define the approximation parameters.
    IGeodataXformApproximation geodataXformApproximation=
    geodataXformApproximation.Tolerance=10; //Unit is in the input space.
    return approximateXform;
Public Function CreateApproximateXform(ByVal xform As IGeodataXform) As IApproximationXform
    'Create an approximation of xform.
    Dim approximateXform As IApproximationXform=New ApproximationXformClass()
    'Define the approximation parameters.
    Dim geodataXformApproximation As IGeodataXformApproximation=CType(approximateXform, IGeodataXformApproximation)
    geodataXformApproximation.Tolerance=10 'Unit is in the input space.
    Return approximateXform
End Function

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