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How to perform mensuration on an image service (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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How to perform mensuration on an image service

This topic demonstrates how to perform mensuration on an image service (new at ArcGIS 10.1).

Performing mensuration on an image service

The following code example demonstrates how to measure the height of a building using locations of building bottom and top:
public static void Measure(IImageServer4 imageServer)
    //Define building bottom.
    IPoint fromPoint=new PointClass();
    fromPoint.X= - 117.29944857;

    //Define building top.
    IPoint toPoint=new PointClass();
    toPoint.X= - 117.29940048;

    //Measure height.
    IImageServerMeasureResult result=imageServer.Measure(fromPoint, toPoint, null,
        null, esriMensurationOperation.esriMensurationHeightFromBaseAndTop);
    Console.WriteLine("{0} +/- {1} {2}", (Double)result.Measurement.GetProperty(
        "Height"), (Double)result.Measurement.GetProperty("HeightUncertainty"), 
Public Shared Sub Measure(ByVal imageServer As IImageServer4)
'Define building bottom.
Dim fromPoint As IPoint=New PointClass()

'Define building top.
Dim toPoint As IPoint=New PointClass()

'Measure height.
Dim result As IImageServerMeasureResult=imageServer.Measure(fromPoint, toPoint, Nothing, Nothing, esriMensurationOperation.esriMensurationHeightFromBaseAndTop)
Console.WriteLine("{0} +/- {1} {2}", DirectCast(result.Measurement.GetProperty("Height"), Double), DirectCast(result.Measurement.GetProperty("HeightUncertainty"), Double), DirectCast(result.Measurement.GetProperty("LinearUnit"), String))
End Sub

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