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SpatialAnalystUI Namespace Contents (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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SpatialAnalystUI Namespace Contents

The SpatialAnalystUI library provides user interfaces including property pages to support objects contained in the SpatialAnalyst library. A SpatialAnalyst extension license is required to work with objects in this library.


Interface Description
IMdSaCellSizeCtrl Provides access to IMdSaCellSizeCtrl Interface.
IMdSaFuzzyFunctionCtrl Provides access to IMdSaFuzzyFunctionCtrl Interface
IMdSaGridUsageCtrl Provides access to IMdSaGridUsageCtrl Interface.
IMdSaHFactorCtrl Provides access to IMdSaHFactorCtrl Interface.
IMdSaMapAlgebraCtrl Provides access to IMdSaMapAlgebraCtrl Interface.
IMdSaNeighborhoodCtrl Provides access to IMdSaNeighborhoodCtrl Interface.
IMdSaRadiusCtrl Provides access to IMdSaRadiusCtrl Interface.
IMdSaRasterCalcCtrl Provides access to IMdSaRasterCalcCtrl Interface
IMdSaReclassCtrl Provides access to IMdSaReclassCtrl Interface.
IMdSaSemiVariogramCtrl Provides access to IMdSaSemiVariogramCtrl Interface.
IMdSaTimeConfigCtrl Provides access to IMdSaTimeConfigCtrl Interface.
IMdSaTransformationFunctionCtrl Provides access to IMdSaTransformationFunctionCtrl Interface
IMdSaVFactorCtrl Provides access to IMdSaVFactorCtrl Interface.
IMdSaWeightedOverlayCtrl Provides access to IMdSaWeightedOverlayCtrl Interface.
IMdTFElementCtrl Provides access to IMdTFElementCtrl Interface
IRasterAnalysisToolbarEnvironment Provides access to the members that control the Raster AnalysisToolbar Environment.
IRasterSettingsItem Provides access to RasterSettings Dialog.


Class Description
MdSaCellSizeCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaCellSizeCtrl Class.
MdSaFuzzyFunctionCtrl Geoprocessing Spatial Analyst MdSaFuzzyFunctionCtrl Class
MdSaGridUsageCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaGridUsageCtrl Class.
MdSaHFactorCtrl Geoprocessing Spatial Analyst MdSaHFactorCtrl Class.
MdSaMapAlgebraCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaMapAlgebraCtrl Class.
MdSaNeighborhoodCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaNeighborhoodCtrl Class.
MdSaRadiusCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaRadiusCtrl Class.
MdSaRasterCalcCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaRasterCalcCtrl Class.
MdSaReclassCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaReclassCtrl Class.
MdSaSemiVariogramCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaSemiVariogramCtrl Class.
MdSaTimeConfigCtrl Geoprocessing Spatial Analyst MdSaTimeConfigCtrl Class.
MdSaTransformationFunctionCtrl Geoprocessing Spatial Analyst MdSaTransformationFunctionCtrl Class
MdSaVFactorCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaVFactorCtrl Class.
MdSaWeightedOverlayCtrl GeoProcessor Spatial Analyst MdSaWeightedOverlayCtrl Class.
RasterAnalysisToolbarEnvironment A mechanism to get the layer currently selected in the toolbar.
RasterSettings Raster Settings object to hold seetings in an application.
SAExtension Spatial Analyst Extension Object.