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SystemFont Class (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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SystemFontClass Class

A font object encapsulating Windows font object.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


The SystemFont object is used when developing with the Java and C++ API and is a wrapper around the Microsoft Font CoClass.



Interfaces Description


The SystemFont interface implements the following methods:

Name Description
get_Name  Gets the name of the font family.
put_Name  Sets a new name for the font family.
get_Size  Gets the point size for the font.
put_Size  Sets the point size for the font.
get_Bold  Indicates whether the font is bold or not.
put_Bold  Sets the boldness property for the font.
get_Italic  Indicates whether the font is italic or not.
put_Italic  Sets the italic property for the font.
get_Underline  Indicates whether the font is underlined or not.
put_Underline  Sets the underline property for the font.
get_Strikethrough  Indicates whether the font is strikethrough or not.
put_Strikethrough  Sets the strikethrough property for the font.
get_Weight  Gets the weight (boldness) for the font.
put_Weight  Sets the weight (boldness) for the font.
get_Charset  Gets the font's character set.
put_Charset  Sets the font's character set.


 Returns a Windows HFONT handle for the font

 described by this font object.


 Creates a duplicate font object with a state identical

 to the current font.

IsEqual  Compares this font object to another for equality.


 Converts the scaling factor for this font between 

 logical units and HIMETRIC units (in which is

 expressed the point size in the Size property).


 Notifies the font object that the previously realized

 font identified with hFont (from 

 ISystemFont::GetHfont) should remain valid until

 ISystemFont::ReleaseHfont is  called or the font

 object itself is released.


 Notifies the font object that the caller that

 previously locked this font in the cache with

 ISystemFont::AddRefHfont no longer requires the


QueryTextMetrics  Fills a TEXTMETRIC structure describing the font.


 Provides a device context handle to the font that

 describes the logical mapping mode.