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How to create a toolbar palette that works with the ToolbarControl (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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How to create a toolbar palette that works with the ToolbarControl

This topic shows how to create a toolbar palette on the ToolbarControl that opens when the PageLayoutControl is right-clicked.

Creating a toolbar palette that works with the ToolbarControl

The palette in the code example in this topic can be used to draw elements on the PageLayoutControl.
To create a toolbar palette that works with the ToolbarControl, perform the following steps:
Steps 1 - 3 are typically done when a form loads.
  1. Create a new ToolbarPaletteClass object as shown in the following code:
//Create a ToolbarPalette.
m_ToolbarPalette=new ToolbarPaletteClass();
'Create a ToolbarPalette.
m_ToolbarPalette=New ToolbarPalette
  1. Use the IToolbarPalette.AddItem method to add new tool items to the palette as shown in the following code:
//Add new items to the ToolbarPalette.
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsSelectTool", 0,  - 1);
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsNewCircleTool", 0,  - 1);
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsNewCurveTool", 0,  - 1);
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsNewEllipseTool", 0,  - 1);
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsNewLineTool", 0,  - 1);
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsNewPolygonTool", 0,  - 1);
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsNewRectangleTool", 0,  - 1);
m_ToolbarPalette.AddItem("esriControls.ControlsNewFreeHandTool", 0,  - 1);
'Add new items to the ToolbarPalette.
  1. Add the ToolbarPaletteClass object to the ToolbarControl as shown in the following code:
//Add the ToolbarPalette to the ToolbarControl.
axToolbarControl1.AddItem(m_ToolbarPalette, 0,  - 1, true, 0,
'Add the ToolbarPalette to the ToolbarControl.
AxToolbarControl1.AddItem(m_ToolbarPalette, -1, -1, True, 0, esriCommandStyles.esriCommandStyleIconAndText)
  1. Use the PopupPalette method on the PageLayoutControl OnMouseDown event to open the palette when the user right-clicks the PageLayoutControl. See the following code:
private void axPageLayoutControl1_OnMouseDown(object sender,
    ESRI.ArcGIS.Controls.IPageLayoutControlEvents_OnMouseDownEvent e)
    if (e.button == 2)
        //Open the palette.
        m_ToolbarPalette.PopupPalette(e.x, e.y, axPageLayoutControl1.hWnd);
Private Sub AxPageLayoutControl1_OnMouseDown(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As ESRI.ArcGIS.Controls.IPageLayoutControlEvents_OnMouseDownEvent) Handles AxPageLayoutControl1.OnMouseDown
    If e.button=2 Then
        'Open the palette.
        m_ToolbarPalette.PopupPalette(e.x, e.y, AxPageLayoutControl1.hWnd)
    End If
End Sub
Remember to set the PageLayoutControl as the ToolBarControl's buddy.

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