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enumAMServercommands Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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enumAMServercommands Constants

TMS Server Commands

Constant Value Description
cmdSHUTDOWN 100 Shutdown the Server
cmdLISTALLCLIENTS 103 List all connected clients
cmdLISTALLDATASETDEFS 106 List supported data formats
cmdCHECKINDATASETDEF 109 Check in a Data format
cmdREMOVEDATASETDEF 110 Delete a Data format
cmdCHECKOUTDATASETDEF 111 Check out a Data format
cmdUNDOCHECKOUTDATASETDEF 112 Return a Data format unchanged
cmdDISCONNECTBROKER 114 Disconnect a Client
cmdLOGDEBUG 120 Log a message to the debug log
cmdLISTLIBRARYBYCATEGORY 130 List the Configuration Library by a category
cmdCHECKINLIBOBJECT 131 Check in a General Library Object
cmdCHECKOUTLIBOBJECT 132 Check out a General Library Object
cmdREMOVELIBOBJECT 133 Delete a General Library Object
cmdUNDOCHECKOUTLIBOBJECT 134 Return a a General Library Object unchanged
cmdPLUGINCONFIGURE 140 Configure Plugin (Plugin Specific)
cmdSTOREACTIONS 150 Update and store Actions
cmdRETRIEVEACTIONS 151 Retrieve a list of Servers Actions
cmdSETSECURITYPROVIDER 152 Set Default Security Provider
cmdGETSECURITYPROVIDER 153 Get Default Security Provider
cmdRETRIEVECFGINFO 155 Retrieve Static Data Link Configuration info
cmdSTORECFGINFO 157 Store Static Data Link Configuration info
cmdVALIDATEUSER 190 Validates that a user and pwd can access server
cmdLISTTRACKINGSERVICES 200 List Tracking Service
cmdCHECKINTRACKINGSERVICE 202 Check in a Tracking Service
cmdREMOVETRACKINGSERVICE 204 Delete a Tracking Service
cmdCHECKOUTTRACKINGSERVICE 206 Check out a Tracking Service
cmdUNDOCHECKOUTTRACKINGSERVICE 208 Return a Tracking Service unchanged
cmdUPDATEACTIONENVIRONMENT 209 Update the configuration for the Action Environment

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Tracking Analyst Extension.