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esriDatasetType Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriDatasetType Constants

Dataset Types.

Constant Value Description
esriDTAny 1 Any Dataset.
esriDTContainer 2 Any Container Dataset.
esriDTGeo 3 Any Geo Dataset.
esriDTFeatureDataset 4 Feature Dataset.
esriDTFeatureClass 5 Feature Class.
esriDTPlanarGraph 6 Planar Graph.
esriDTGeometricNetwork 7 Geometric Network.
esriDTTopology 8 Topology.
esriDTText 9 Text Dataset.
esriDTTable 10 Table Dataset.
esriDTRelationshipClass 11 Relationship Class.
esriDTRasterDataset 12 Raster Dataset.
esriDTRasterBand 13 Raster Band.
esriDTTin 14 Tin Dataset.
esriDTCadDrawing 15 CadDrawing Dataset.
esriDTRasterCatalog 16 Raster Catalog.
esriDTToolbox 17 Toolbox.
esriDTTool 18 Tool.
esriDTNetworkDataset 19 Network Dataset.
esriDTTerrain 20 Terrain dataset.
esriDTRepresentationClass 21 Feature Class Representation.
esriDTCadastralFabric 22 Cadastral Fabric.
esriDTSchematicDataset 23 Schematic Dataset.
esriDTLocator 24 Address Locator.
esriDTMap 26 Map.
esriDTLayer 27 Layer.
esriDTStyle 28 Style.
esriDTMosaicDataset 29 Mosaic Dataset.
esriDTLasDataset 30 Las Dataset.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

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