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esriGeocodingError Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriGeocodingError Constants

Special error codes generated by geocoding.

Constant Value Description
GEOCODING_E_REFDATA_NOT_REGISTERED -2147220991 The reference data is not registered with the geodatabase.
GEOCODING_E_UICLASS_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147220990 The user interface class specified by the locator is not supported.
GEOCODING_E_INTERSECTION_FIELDS_MISSING -2147220989 The locator does not specify any intersection fields.
GEOCODING_E_REQUIRED_LOCATION_FIELD_MISSING -2147220988 The input location is missing a required attribute.
GEOCODING_E_LOCATOR_CLASS_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147220987 The locator class does not support this operation.
GEOCODING_E_TABLE_HAS_NO_OID -2147220986 The input table does not have a unique, registered OID attribute.
GEOCODING_E_TABLE_HAS_TOO_MANY_LOCATORS -2147220985 This table has too many attached locators.
GEOCODING_E_TABLE_HAS_CORRUPTED_LOCATOR -2147220983 The locator attached to this table is corrupted.
GEOCODING_E_INVALID_PROPERTIES -2147220982 One or more of the locator's properties is invalid.
GEOCODING_E_UNSUPPORTED_SSA_DATA -2147220981 The LOCSSA shared library is trying to return an unsupported data format.
GEOCODING_E_INVALID_LOCATOR_NAME -2147220980 This name is invalid for a locator.
GEOCODING_E_NOT_LOCATOR_OWNER -2147220979 The user does not own the locator.
GEOCODING_E_LOCATOR_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147220978 A locator with that name already exists.
GEOCODING_E_CANNOT_CREATE_LOC_FILE -2147220977 The system cannot create a .loc file with that name.
GEOCODING_E_NO_LICENSE -2147220976 This software is not licensed for this operation in SDE.
GEOCODING_E_STREETMAP_NOT_ENABLED -2147220975 The StreetMap extension must be enabled for this operation.
GEOCODING_E_OPTIONAL_INTERFACE_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147220974 Optional interface is not supported by this locator.
GEOCODING_E_LOCATOR_WKS_CANNOT_CREATE_LOCATOR -2147220973 The system cannot create locator in this workspace.
GEOCODING_E_REBUILD_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_LOCATOR -2147220972 The address locator cannot be rebuilt.
GEOCODING_E_LOCATOR_DOES_NOT_EXIST -2147220971 A locator with that name does not exist.
GEOCODING_E_REMOTE_WKS_COPY_NOT_SUPPORTED_FOR_LOCATOR -2147220970 The address locator cannot be copied between local and remote workspaces.
GEOCODING_E_REVERSE_GEOCODE_NO_ADDRESS_FOUND -2147220969 Reverse geocoding cannot find address at the specified location.
GEOCODING_E_LOCB_FILE_COULD_NOT_BE_CREATED -2147220968 LOCB file(s) could not be created. LOCB files are used when sharing locators with Runtime.
GEOCODING_E_LOCATOR_CLIPPING_FAILURE -2147220967 Locator clipping failure.
GEOCODING_E_UNSUPPORTED_CATEGORY -2147220965 The category value entered is not a supported value.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.