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esriLasDatasetError Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriLasDatasetError Constants

LasDataset's error codes.

Constant Value Description
E_LAS_BAD_Z_SOURCE -2147201024 The specified Z source is not supported for this operation.
E_LAS_DATASET_EXISTS -2147201023 The specified dataset already exists.
E_LAS_FAILED_TO_OVER_WRITE -2147201022 Failed to over write the dataset.
E_LAS_FAILED_TO_SAVE -2147201021 Failed to save the dataset.
E_LAS_FAILED_TO_OPEN -2147201020 Failed to open the dataset.
E_LAS_NO_STATISTICS -2147201019 No statistics available for the operation.
E_LAS_FAILED_TO_COPY_FILE -2147201018 Failed to copy file(s).
E_LAS_IN_MEMORY_DATASET -2147201017 Operation not supported with in-memory datasets.
E_LAS_CLASS_FLAG_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147201016 Classification flag not supported in this version.
E_LAS_BAD_CLASS_CODE -2147201015 Invalid classification code.
E_LAS_INVALID_VERSION -2147201014 Invalid version.
E_LAS_UNABLE_TO_EDIT_ZIP_FILE -2147201013 Unable to edit compressed file.
E_LAS_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_ZIP_FILE -2147201012 Unable to edit compressed file.
E_LAS_OVERLAP_FLAG_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147201011 Overlap flag not supported in this point-record format.
E_LAS_TOO_MANY_POINTS -2147201010 The number of points in the file exceeds limit.
E_LAS_NOT_ENOUGH_GROUND_POINTS -2147201009 The number of ground points is less than 3.
E_LAS_BAD_SAMPLE_DISTANCE -2147201008 The specified sample distance is less than 10 meters.
E_LAS_BAD_DEM_RESOLUTION -2147201007 The specified DEM resolution is less than 0.3 meters.
E_LAS_BAD_LAS_VERSION -2147201006 Invalid or unsupported LAS version.
E_LAS_BAD_LAS_POINT_FORMAT -2147201005 Invalid or unsupported LAS point format.
E_LAS_NEED_SPATIAL_REF -2147201004 Spatial reference is required for the process.
E_LAS_NEED_LAS_VERSION -2147201003 Output LAS version and/or point format ID not specified.
E_LAS_INVALID_FORMAT_CHANGE -2147201002 Changing from formats 6 and above to formats 5 and below not supported.
E_LAS_DIFFERENT_GPS_TIME -2147201001 Different types of GPS times.
E_LAS_WRITER_INITIALIZED -2147201000 The LAS builder object already initialized.
E_LAS_WRITER_NOT_INITIALIZED -2147200999 The LAS builder object is not initialized.
E_LAS_WRITER_WRONG_ORDER -2147200998 Data are added in a wrong order (e.g., adding a VLR after point records have been added).
E_WRONG_EXTRABYTE_COUNT -2147200997 Incorrect extra byte count.
E_LAS_ARRAY_SIZE_MISMATCH -2147200996 The spacified arrays do not have the same size.
E_LAS_WRONG_EXTRABYTE_TYPE -2147200995 Data type for extra bytes must be char or unsigned char.
E_LAS_EVLR_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147200994 Extended variable length records not supported in this version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.