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esriRasterBandArithmeticMethod Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriRasterBandArithmeticMethod Constants

The band arithmetic method.

Constant Value Description
esriBandArithmeticUserDefined 0 User Defined
esriBandArithmeticNDVI 1 NDVI: Normalized Differential Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticSAVI 2 SAVI: Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticTSAVI 3 TSAVI: Transformed Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticMSAVI 4 MSAVI: Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticGEMI 5 GEMI: Global Environmental Monitoring Index
esriBandArithmeticPVI 6 PVI: Perpendicular Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticGVITM 7 GVI TM: Green Vegetation Index (Landsat TM)
esriBandArithmeticSultan 8 Sultans Process
esriBandArithmeticVARI 9 VARI: Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index
esriBandArithmeticGNDVI 10 GNDVI: Green NDVI
esriBandArithmeticSR 11 SR: Simple Ratio
esriBandArithmeticNDVIre 12 NDVIre: Red Edge NDVI
esriBandArithmeticSRre 13 SRre: Red Edge Simple Ratio
esriBandArithmeticMTVI2 14 MTVI2: Modified Triangular Vegetation Index
esriBandArithmeticRTVICore 15 RTVICore: Red Edge Traingular Vegetataion Index (Core Only)
esriBandArithmeticCIre 16 CIre: Chlorophyll Index - Red Edge
esriBandArithmeticCIg 17 CIg: Chlorophyll Index - Green

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.