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esriRepresentationError Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriRepresentationError Constants

Esri Representation Error Types.

Constant Value Description
REP_E_INVALID_REP_RULE_ID -2147218687 Representation rule ID is not valid.
REP_E_REP_RULE_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218686 Representation rule name is already used.
REP_E_REP_CLASS_NOT_FOUND -2147218685 The feature class representation was not found.
REP_E_REP_IS_FREE_GRAPHICS -2147218684 Representation is based on a free graphic.
REP_E_REP_USES_REP_RULE -2147218683 Representation uses a representation rule.
REP_E_CANT_ACQUIRE_SCHEMA_LOCK -2147218682 Can't acquire a schema lock.
REP_E_OBJECT_IS_DELETED -2147218681 Object is deleted.
REP_E_NO_REP_RULES -2147218680 Feature class representation has no representation rules.
REP_E_WORKSPACE_DOESNT_SUPPORT_REP_EXTENSION -2147218679 Workspace doesn't support the representation extension.
REP_E_FEATURE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147218678 Feature type is not supported.
REP_E_GEODATABASE_DOESNT_SUPPORT_REPRESENTATIONS -2147218677 Geodatabase does not support representations.
REP_E_NO_REP_SYSTEM_TABLES -2147218676 No representation system tables.
REP_E_REP_CLASS_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218675 A feature class representation already exists with this name.
REP_E_FIELD_NAME_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218674 A field already exists with this name.
REP_E_NAME_HAS_INVALID_CHARACTERS -2147218673 Name contains invalid characters.
REP_E_MUST_BE_THE_OWNER -2147218672 Must be the owner to perform this operation.
REP_E_INVALID_LICENSE -2147218671 The application does not have the required license for this operation.
REP_E_COMPRESSED_FEATURE_CLASS -2147218670 Cannot perform this operation on a compressed geodatabase.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.