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esriTerrainError Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriTerrainError Constants

Terrain's error codes.

Constant Value Description
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_DATA_SOURCE -2147205120 Unable to add data source (e.g., it's versioned, is not a valid feature class, or its geometry type is not appropriate).
E_TERRAIN_DATA_SOURCE_EXISTS -2147205119 The input data source already exists.
E_TERRAIN_INDEX_OUT_OF_RANGE -2147205118 The specified index is out of range.
E_TERRAIN_NOT_INITIALIZED -2147205117 The terrain object has not been initialized.
E_TERRAIN_CANCELLED -2147205116 Process is cancelled by the user.
E_TERRAIN_EDIT_SESSION_REQUIRED -2147205115 The specified operation requires an edit session.
E_TERRAIN_MUST_BE_ZLESS -2147205114 The operation requires Z-less input.
E_TERRAIN_FILE_EXISTS -2147205113 The specified file or dataset already exists.
E_TERRAIN_FILE_NOT_EXISTS -2147205112 The specified file or folder does not exist.
E_TERRAIN_FILE_OPEN_ERROR -2147205111 Failed to open file.
E_TERRAIN_FILE_READ_ERROR -2147205110 Failed to read file.
E_TERRAIN_NOT_MATCH -2147205109 The inputs do not match the existing feature class.
E_TERRAIN_WRONG_FORMAT -2147205108 One or more specified properties are not supported in this point data format.
E_TERRAIN_NO_RETURN -2147205107 Need at least one return number.
E_TERRAIN_BAD_SHAPE_SIZE -2147205106 The specified shape size is out of bound.
E_TERRAIN_NOT_MULTIPOINT -2147205105 Only multipoint feature classes can be embedded.
E_TERRAIN_UNKNOWN_FIELD -2147205104 One (or more) specified field is unknown to Terrain.
E_TERRAIN_FC_OUTSIDE -2147205103 The feature class is not in the same feature dataset as the Terrain.
E_TERRAIN_ZTOLERANCE_EXISTS -2147205102 The input zTolerance already exists.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_TERRAIN -2147205101 An invalid Terrain does not support the specified operation.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_DEFINITION -2147205100 The Terrain definition is incomplete or invalid.
E_TERRAIN_IN_EDIT_SESSION -2147205099 The specified operation is not supported in an edit session.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_BOUNDS -2147205098 Invalid Z tolerance bounds.
E_TERRAIN_BOUNDS_OVERLAP -2147205097 Z tolerance bounds overlap with other data sources in the group, or with other Clip data sources.
E_TERRAIN_INCONSIST -2147205096 One or more properties of the input data source is inconsistent with the rest in the group.
E_TERRAIN_WRONG_GEOMETRY_TYPE -2147205095 The geometry type of the input data source (or feature class) is inadequate.
E_TERRAIN_MIXING_2D_AND_3D -2147205094 Members must all be either 2D or 3D. Mixing 2D and 3D is not allowed.
E_TERRAIN_TOO_MANY_BASE -2147205093 Only one member in a group can be applied to the overview.
E_TERRAIN_MUST_NOT_BE_GROUPED -2147205092 3D data sources added as mass-point must not be grouped.
E_TERRAIN_WRONG_SF_TYPE -2147205091 Incorrect Surface-Feature type.
E_TERRAIN_INCONSIST_LOR -2147205090 The zTolerance/MaxScale pair does not match the others in the definition.
E_TERRAIN_CHANGE_CLASS_ID -2147205089 The feature class ID of an embedded data source must not be changed.
E_TERRAIN_NOT_EMBEDDED -2147205088 The operation can only be applied to an embedded data source.
E_TERRAIN_NULL_FIELD_VALUE -2147205087 One or more fields contains NULL value.
E_TERRAIN_FIELD_NULLABLE -2147205086 Attribute fields must not be nullable.
E_TERRAIN_TERRAIN_NOT_FOUND -2147205085 The terrain was not found.
E_TERRAIN_TERRAIN_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_RELEASE -2147205084 Terrains not supported in this release of the GeoDatabase.
E_TERRAIN_TERRAIN_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147205083 The terrain with the specified name already exists.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_GEOMETRY_TYPE_FOR_TERRAIN -2147205082 The feature class has an invalid geometry type.
E_TERRAIN_CANNOT_ADD_REGISTERED_CLASS_TO_TERRAIN -2147205081 Cannot add a registered as versioned class to the terrain.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_TERRAIN_NAME -2147205080 The Terrain name is invalid.
E_TERRAIN_WRONG_DATASET_TYPE -2147205079 Wrong data set type.
E_TERRAIN_WRONG_PYRAMID_TYPE -2147205078 Wrong Terrain pyramid type.
E_TERRAIN_CANNOT_CHANGE_SCHEMA -2147205077 Changing the definition, or running a full rebuild, of a versioned Terrain is not allowed.
E_TERRAIN_NOT_MULTIPOINT_Z -2147205076 Must be a Z-Aware multipoint feature class.
E_TERRAIN_UNKNOWN_BLOB -2147205075 No blob is specified or the specified blob is unknown.
E_TERRAIN_NEED_UPDATE -2147205074 The Terrain needs update before the specified operation can be performed.
E_TERRAIN_OLD_VERSION -2147205073 The specified operation cannot be performed on old version Terrains.
E_TERRAIN_CANNOT_PERFORM_SIMPLIFY_OVERVIEW -2147205072 Cannot perform 'Simplify Overview' on an invalid, dirty, or versioned Terrain.
E_TERRAIN_NO_DATA -2147205071 Base data sources do not contain any data.
E_TERRAIN_EDIT_OPERATION_REQUIRED -2147205070 The specified operation requires an edit operation.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_EMBEDDED_FC_NAME -2147205069 The embedded feature class name is invalid.
E_TERRAIN_TOO_MANY_CLIPPING_SOURCES -2147205068 Only one data source can be used for clipping the overview terrain.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_Z -2147205067 Invalid Z value.
E_TERRAIN_BAD_WINDOWSIZE -2147205066 The specified window size is either too small, or too big.
E_TERRAIN_NO_SPATIALREF_INFO -2147205065 Spatial reference information is missing, or insufficient, for the operation.
E_TERRAIN_NOT_PROJECTED_SYSTEM -2147219400 A projected coordinate system is required.
E_TERRAIN_WRONG_TOPOLOGY -2147219399 Incorrect boundary tiles topology.
E_TERRAIN_VALUE_OVERFLOW -2147219398 The input value is too big (or too small) to store.
E_TERRAIN_DATA_TYPE_MISMATCH -2147219397 The input field data type does not match the one in the embedded data source.
E_TERRAIN_DIRTY_TERRAIN -2147219396 The specified operation cannot be performed on dirty Terrains.
E_TERRAIN_WINSIZE_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147205059 Window size pyramid not supported in this release of the GeoDatabase.
E_TERRAIN_FIELD_TYPE_MISMATCH -2147219394 Output contains a field with the same name as the input but has a different field type.
E_TERRAIN_CANNOT_BE_ANCHORED -2147219393 Only point data sources can be anchored.
E_TERRAIN_ANCHOR_POINTS_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147219392 Anchor-points data sources not supported in this release of the GeoDatabase.
E_TERRAIN_MUST_APPLY_TO_OVERVIEW -2147219391 Point data sources must participate in the overview.
E_TERRAIN_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147219390 Version not supported.
E_TERRAIN_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147219389 Format not supported.
E_TERRAIN_FILE_WRITE_ERROR -2147205052 Failed to write to file.
E_TERRAIN_INVALID_FILE -2147205051 Invalid file.
E_TERRAIN_WKT_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147205050 WKT projection is not supported in this release.
E_TERRAIN_FILE_CREATE_ERROR -2147205049 Failed to create file.
E_TERRAIN_FILE_DELETE_ERROR -2147205048 Failed to delete/overwrite file.
E_TERRAIN_BAD_INPUT_FILE -2147205047 The input file contains bad data.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.