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esriTinError Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriTinError Constants

Esri TIN's error codes.

Constant Value Description
E_TIN_WORKSPACE_EXISTS -2147219456 TIN workspace already exists.
E_TIN_WORKSPACE_NOT_CONNECTED -2147219455 TIN workspace not connected.
E_TIN_WORKSPACE_ALREADY_CONNECTED -2147219454 TIN workspace already connected.
E_TIN_EMPTY_OBJECT -2147219453 Attempt to access an empty object.
E_TIN_WRONG_DATASET_TYPE -2147219452 The specified dataset type can not be recognized.
E_TIN_WRONG_TOPOLOGY -2147219451 The TIN dataset is corrupted.
E_TIN_NUMERIC_LIMIT -2147219450 A process has encounted a numeric problem, it may not be complete.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_OPEN -2147219449 Can't open the specified TIN.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_SAVE -2147219448 Can't save the TIN dataset.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_COPY -2147219447 Can't copy the TIN dataset.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_RENAME -2147219446 Can't rename the TIN dataset or workspace.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_DELETE -2147219445 Can't delete the TIN dataset.
E_TIN_FILE_EXISTS -2147219444 The specified file or dataset already exists.
E_TIN_OPERATION_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147219443 The specified operation/method is not supported.
E_TIN_OUT_OF_MEMORY -2147219442 Out of memory.
E_TIN_IN_EDIT_MODE -2147219441 TIN is in edit mode.
E_TIN_NOT_IN_EDIT_MODE -2147219440 TIN is not in edit mode.
E_TIN_CANNOT_CREATE_GEOMETRY -2147219439 Failed to create a geometry object, or a geometric process failed.
E_TIN_POLYGON_NOT_DEFINED -2147219438 Cannot define polygon.
E_TIN_POLYLINE_NOT_DEFINED -2147219437 Cannot define polyline.
E_TIN_HAS_VOID_Z -2147219436 The input point(s) contains Void Z.
E_TIN_HAS_NO_VALUE -2147219435 The specified TIN element type does not have tag values.
E_TIN_NODE_UNDELETABL -2147219434 The specified node has void Z, or is shared by other poly objects, or the polygon has only three vertices.
E_TIN_FIELD_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147219433 The specified field name already exists.
E_TIN_OBJECT_NOT_EMPTY -2147219432 The input feature class/raster is not empty.
E_TIN_WRONG_FIELD_TYPE -2147219431 The type of the specified field is not adequate.
E_TIN_WRONG_GEOMETRY_TYPE -2147219430 The geometry type of the input shape, or feature class, is not adequate.
E_TIN_NEED_VALUE -2147219429 Require to specify non-zero node/edge/triangle value(s) from input.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_OVER_WRITE -2147219428 Failed to over write the TIN.
E_TIN_ZERO_VALUE -2147219427 The input value of 'zero' is not allowed here.
E_TIN_INDEX_OUT_OF_RANGE -2147219426 The specified index is out of range.
E_TIN_INVALID_NAME -2147219425 The specified name is invalid.
E_TIN_ALREADY_INITIALIZED -2147219424 The object has already been initialized.
E_TIN_MEMORY_TIN -2147219423 The specied operation cannot be applied to a non-persisted TIN.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_SWAP -2147219422 Failed to swap edges.
E_TIN_NAN -2147219421 The input (value) is/contains a NAN (not a number).
E_TIN_SUPER_NODE -2147219420 Invalid operation on a super node.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_CREATE_FILE -2147219419 Failed to create file.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_OPEN_FILE -2147219418 Failed to open file.
E_TIN_FAILED_TO_DELETE_FILE -2147219417 Failed to delete file.
E_TIN_GEOMETRY_HAS_NO_Z -2147219416 The input geometry does not contain Z.
E_TIN_WRONG_VARIANT_TYPE -2147219415 The input VARIANT's type is not adequate for the operation.
E_TIN_WRONG_SURFACE_TYPE -2147219414 The input data type does not permit the specified surface type.
E_TIN_WRONG_ELEMENT_TYPE -2147219413 The input TIN element's type is not adequate.
E_TIN_DIFFERENT_TIN -2147219412 The input TIN element does not belong to this TIN.
E_TIN_FIELD_ERROR -2147219411 An error occurs while accessing/writing to a field.
E_TIN_NEED_TRIANGLE_SEED -2147219410 This operation requires a triangle seed.
E_TIN_WRONG_SEED_TYPE -2147219409 The operation requires a triangle or edge seed.
E_TIN_WRONG_GEN_SEED -2147219408 Seed is not a proper for this operation.
E_TIN_FAILED_UPDATE_SEED -2147219407 Failed to update the seed.
E_TIN_NODE_SHARED -2147219406 The specified node is shared by other poly object(s).
E_TIN_INTERNAL_ERROR -2147219405 Encountered an internal process error.
E_TIN_FILTER_REQUIRED -2147219404 A filter is required for this operation.
E_TIN_NO_SPATIALREF_INFO -2147219403 Spatial reference information is missing, or insufficient, for the operation.
E_TIN_NOT_PROJECTED_SYSTEM -2147219402 A projected coordinate system is required.
E_TIN_METADATA_ERROR -2147219401 Failed to handle metadata.
E_TIN_CANNOT_CREATE_OBJ -2147219400 Failed to to create an object.
E_TIN_UPDATE_ERROR -2147219399 An error occured while updating the TIN.
E_TIN_BAD_CLASS_BREAKS -2147219398 Class-breaks is not defined or empty.
E_TIN_BAD_CLASS_CODES -2147219397 Class-break-codes does not match class-breaks.
E_TIN_UNSUPPORTED_SPATIAL_REFERENCE -2147219396 Unsupported spatial reference. The spatial reference cannot be exported as a projection (PRJ) file.
E_TIN_LICENSE_NOT_AVAILABLE -2147219395 3D License not available.
E_TIN_EXTENSION_DISABLED -2147219394 3D Extension not enabled.
E_TIN_BELOW_V8 -2147219393 The operation is supported only for TINs with version 8 or above.
E_TIN_IN_MEMORY_EDIT -2147219392 The operation cannot be conducted when TIN is in memory-edit mode.
E_TIN_WRONG_EDGE_TYPE -2147219391 The specified edge type is not adequate for the operation.
E_TIN_BAD_VALUE -2147219390 The function call contains inadequate argument value.
E_TIN_FATAL -2147219389 A general function failure has occured during the specified operation.
E_TIN_FDS_FATAL -2147219388 A TIN memory-management general function failure has occured during the specified operation.
E_TIN_CANCELLED -2147219387 Process is cancelled by the user.
E_TIN_MUST_BE_DELAUNAY -2147219386 The process cannot be applied on a non-Delaunay TIN.
E_TIN_XML_CORRUPTED -2147219385 The XML file is corrupted.
E_TIN_INVALID_LANDXML_FILE -2147219384 Invalid LandXML file.
E_TIN_FAILED_RESET_EXTENT -2147219383 Unable to reset extent. TIN contains data.
E_TIN_NULL_FIELD_VALUE -2147219382 One or more input features contain NULL Shape or field value.
E_TIN_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION -2147219381 An unhandled exception has occured during the process.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.