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esriTinSurfaceType Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriTinSurfaceType Constants

Esri TIN surface-type options.

Constant Value Description
esriTinContour 0 Inputs as contour lines.
esriTinHardLine 1 Inputs as hard break lines.
esriTinHardClip 2 Inputs as hard clipping polygons.
esriTinHardErase 3 Inputs as hard erase polygons.
esriTinHardReplace 4 Inputs as hard replace polygons.
esriTinHardValueFill 5 Inputs as hard value polygons.
esriTinZLessHardLine 6 Inputs as Z-less hard break lines.
esriTinZLessHardClip 7 Inputs as Z-less hard clipping polygons.
esriTinZLessHardErase 8 Inputs as Z-less hard erase polygons.
esriTinSoftLine 9 Inputs as soft break lines.
esriTinSoftClip 10 Inputs as soft clipping polygons.
esriTinSoftErase 11 Inputs as soft erase polygons.
esriTinSoftReplace 12 Inputs as soft replace polygons.
esriTinSoftValueFill 13 Inputs as soft value polygons.
esriTinZLessSoftLine 14 Inputs as Z-less soft break lines.
esriTinZLessContour 15 Inputs as Z-less soft contour lines.
esriTinZLessSoftClip 16 Inputs as Z-less soft clipping polygons.
esriTinZLessSoftErase 17 Inputs as Z-less soft erase polygons.
esriTinMassPoint 18 Inputs as mass points.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.