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esriUtilityNetworkErrors Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriUtilityNetworkErrors Constants

Utility network analysis error codes.

Constant Value Description
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_GEOMETRICINDEX -2147220911 There is no geometric network.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_INDEX -2147220910 The provided index is not valid.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_FILTERTYPE -2147220909 The provided index is not valid. Filters can only be on edges or junctions.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_FEATURELAYER -2147220908 The feature layer parameter does not have a feature class.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_DOCUMENT -2147220907 The document has been changed.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_PERCENTAGE -2147220906 Edge flag percentages must be between 0.0 and 1.0.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_FEATURE -2147220905 A flag or barrier could not be placed because the network feature was corrupted.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_ELEMENT_TYPE -2147220864 Invalid element type.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_MULTIPLE_NETWORK -2147220863 Network already specified.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_USER_CLASS_ID -2147220862 Invalid user class id.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_NO_JUNCTION_WEIGHT_FILTER -2147220861 No junction weight filter specified.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_NO_EDGE_WEIGHT_FILTER -2147220860 No edge weight filter specified.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_FILTER_TYPE -2147220859 Invalid weight filter type.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_FLOW_METHOD -2147220858 Invalid flow method.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_FLOW_ELEMENTS -2147220857 Invalid flow elements.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_PATH_OBJECTIVE -2147220856 Invalid path objective function.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_USER_ID -2147220855 Invalid user id.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_USER_SUB_ID -2147220854 Invalid user sub id.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_INVALID_NETWORK -2147220853 No network is present.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_MISMATCH_ELEMENT_TYPE -2147220852 The input element type does not agree with the element type of the barrier set.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_NO_PATH_ORIGINS -2147220851 No junction or edge origins are specified for FindPath.
NETWORKANALYSIS_E_BOTH_PATH_ORIGINS -2147220850 Both junction and edge origins are specified for FindPath.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_FEATURE_DATASET_NAME -2147220735 An invalid feature dataset name was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_FEATURE_CLASS_NAME -2147220734 An invalid feature class name was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_NETWORK_NAME -2147220733 An invalid network name was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_FIELD_NAME -2147220732 An invalid field name was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_NAME -2147220731 An invalid weight name was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_Z_USE_CONDITION -2147220730 Unable to use Zs for network connectivity.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_WEIGHT_TYPE -2147220729 Invalid weight type.
NETWORKLOADER_E_UNSUPPORTED_NETWORK_TYPE -2147220719 An unsupported network type was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_FEATURE_TYPE -2147220718 An invalid feature type was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_SHAPE_TYPE -2147220717 An invalid shape type was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_ENABLED_FIELD_TYPE -2147220716 An invalid enabled field type was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_ENABLED_FIELD_DOMAIN -2147220715 An invalid enabled field domain was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_ANCILLARY_ROLE -2147220714 An invalid ancillary role was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_ANCILLARY_ROLE_FIELD_TYPE -2147220713 An invalid ancillary role field type was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_ANCILLARY_ROLE_FIELD_DOMAIN -2147220712 An invalid ancillary role field domain was specified.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_SNAP_TOLERANCE -2147220703 The snapping tolerance cannot be negative or smaller than the minimum tolerance.
NETWORKLOADER_E_INVALID_BITGATE_SIZE -2147220702 Bitgate weights sizes must be in the range from 1 to 31.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_OPEN_FEATURE_DATASET -2147220479 Unable to open the feature dataset.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_OPEN_FEATURE_CLASS -2147220478 Unable to open the feature class.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_READ_FEATURE_CLASS -2147220477 Unable to read from the feature class.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_UPDATE_FEATURE_CLASS -2147220476 Unable to update the feature class.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_ACQUIRE_LOGICAL_NETWORK -2147220475 Unable to acquire logical network.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_CREATE_GEOMETRIC_NETWORK -2147220463 Unable to create geometric network.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_ADD_FEATURE_CLASS -2147220462 Unable to add a feature class to the geometric network.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_CREATE_ENABLED_FIELD -2147220461 Cannot create enabled field.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_UPDATE_ENABLED_FIELD -2147220460 Cannot update enabled field.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_CREATE_ANCILLARY_ROLE_FIELD -2147220459 Cannot create ancillary role field.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_UPDATE_ANCILLARY_ROLE_FIELD -2147220458 Cannot update ancillary role field.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_OPEN_ORPHAN_JUNCTION_CLASS -2147220457 Unable to open orphan junction feature class.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_ADD_ORPHAN_JUNCTION_ROW -2147220456 Cannot insert rows into orphan junction feature class.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_CREATE_ERROR_TABLE -2147220447 Unable to create the error table.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_UPDATE_ERROR_TABLE -2147220446 Unable to update the error table.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_ADD_JUNCTION_ELEMENT -2147220431 Cannot add junction elements to the network.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_ADD_EDGE_ELEMENT -2147220430 Cannot add edge elements to the network.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_CREATE_INDEX -2147220429 Creating indexes on network tables failed.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_DROP_INDEX -2147220428 Dropping indexes on network tables failed.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_OPEN_LOG_FILE -2147220427 Cannot open log file.
NETWORKLOADER_E_CANNOT_ACCESS_TEMP_FILE -2147220416 Cannot access temporary files.
NETWORKLOADER_E_UNKNOWN_ERROR -2147220225 An unknown error occurred.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.