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Geocoding (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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This topic gives direction of where to find information that solves a specific geocoding task.

In this topic

What is geocoding?

For a general view of geocoding, see What is Geocoding?

Performing geocoding using geoprocessing

The following tools can be used to perform geocoding with geoprocessing tools:
  • Create Address Locator
  • Create Composite Address Locator
  • Geocode Addresses
  • Rebuild Address Locator
  • Rematch Addresses
  • Reverse Geocode
  • Standardize Addresses
For more information on how to use these tools, see the list of topics under the See Also section below.

Performing geocoding using ArcObjects

ArcObjects can also be used to accomplish geocoding tasks programmatically. For detailed information on specific geocoding tasks, see the list of topics under the See Also section below. For a more broad view of geocoding with ArcObjects, see the Location library overview.

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