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tascTMSWorkspaceError Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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tascTMSWorkspaceError Constants

TMS Workspace Error Codes.

Constant Value Description
E_AMSWORKSPACE_CONNECTED -2147220480 Connected to tracking server.
E_AMSWORKSPACE_NOTCONNECTED -2147220479 Not connected to tracking server.
E_AMSWORKSPACE_UNABLETOCONNECTED -2147220478 Unable to connected to tracking server.
E_AMSWORKSPACE_INVALIDSERVER -2147220477 Invalid tracking server name.
E_AMSWORKSPACE_INVALIDCONNPROPS -2147220476 Invalid connection properties.
E_AMSWORKSPACE_OUTOFBOUNDS -2147220475 Invalid index for connection property.
E_AMSWORKSPACE_INVALIDFEATURECLASSNAME -2147220474 Feature Class Name is not within workspace.
E_AMSWORKSPACE_INVALIDTABLENAME -2147220473 Table Name is not within workspace.
E_AMSWORKSPACEFACTORY_CONNECTIONFILEEXISTS -2147220400 Connection Properties file already exists.
E_TEMPORALFEATURECLASS_NOCOLUMNSDEFINED -2147220448 Table Definition does not define any columns.
E_TEMPORALFEATURECLASS_INVALIDCOLINDEX -2147220447 Column index is out of range.
E_TEMPORALFEATURECLASS_SPATIALLYDISJOINT -2147220446 Feature is spatial disjoint from query parameters.
E_TEMPORALDATASET_UNINITIALIZEDDATASET -2147220432 Dataset was not initialized.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_DUPLICATEFIELD -2147220384 Duplicate field name found.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_REQUIREDFIELD -2147220383 Required Field not found.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_INVALIDNUMCOLS -2147220382 Table is inconsistent with expected number of columns.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_UNSUPORTEDMESSAGE -2147220381 Unable to process unsupported message.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_UNABLETOCREATEROW -2147220380 Unable to create row object.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_TABLEOBJEXISTS -2147220379 Table already exists.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_UNABLETOCREATETABLE -2147220378 Unable to create database table.
E_TEMPORALTABLE_PURGEPERCENTINVALID -2147220377 Purge percentage is not > 0.0 or < 1.0 .
E_TEMPORALTABLE_UNSUPPORTED_GEO_FORMAT -2147220376 Unsupported Geometry.
E_TEMPORALFEATURE_UNINITIALIZED_FEATURE -2147220368 Feature object was not initialized.
E_TEMPORALQF_INVALIDTIME -2147220352 Invalid Time format.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Tracking Analyst Extension.