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IAddressUI.MatchTableFromSet Method (ArcObjects .NET 10.7 SDK)
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IAddressUI.MatchTableFromSet Method

Opens the Geocode Addresses dialog.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function MatchTableFromSet ( _
    ByVal parentWindow As Integer, _
    ByVal tableChoices As ISet, _
    ByVal defaultTable As ITable, _
    ByVal bAllowBrowse As Boolean, _
    ByVal Locator As ILocator, _
    ByRef pathForGxBrowser As String _
) As IName
public IName MatchTableFromSet (
    int parentWindow,
    ISet tableChoices,
    ITable defaultTable,
    bool bAllowBrowse,
    ILocator Locator,
    ref string pathForGxBrowser

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


The MatchTableFromSet method displays the user interface for matching a table of addresses, and allows the user to select the table that they want to geocode from a Set of tables. You can use this method when you have a set of possible tables from which the user can choose to geocode, such as choosing from the set of tables in an ArcMap document.

The parentWindow parameter is the handle to the parent window of the user interface. The user interface appears modally on top of this window.

The tableChoices parameter is a Set of tables from which the user can choose the table to match.

The defaultTable parameter is a reference to the table that is selected by default in the user interface.

The bAllowBrowse parameter indicates if the user can browse for a table to match that is not contained in the set.

The Locator parameter is a reference to the locator to use to match the table that the user chooses.

The pathForGxBrowser parameter is the path of the GxObject from which the user can start browsing for a location for the geocoded feature class. You can obtain a value for this parameter from the IGxObject.FullName property of the GxObject.

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