Class DllThreadManager

  extended by com.esri.arcgis.framework.DllThreadManager
All Implemented Interfaces:
IDllThreadManager, com.esri.arcgis.interop.RemoteObjRef,

public class DllThreadManager
extends java.lang.Object
implements com.esri.arcgis.interop.RemoteObjRef, IDllThreadManager

COM Class 'DllThreadManager'. Generated 3/19/2015 1:20:50 PM from 'C:\ArcGIS\COM\esriFramework.olb'

Description 'DllThreadManager CoType.' Generator Options: PromptForTypeLibraries = False ClashPrefix = esri_ LowerCaseMemberNames = True IDispatchOnly = False RetryOnReject = False AwtForOcxs = True ArraysAsObjects = False DontRenameSameMethods = False ImplementConflictingInterfaces = True ReuseMethods = True RenameConflictingInterfaceMethods = True GenBeanInfo = True GenerateJavadoc =

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface com.esri.arcgis.framework.IDllThreadManager
IID, IID52bcff1b_6a36_49df_b14f_be227d8543ef, xxDummy
Constructor Summary
DllThreadManager(java.lang.Object obj)
          Construct a DllThreadManager using a reference to such an object returned from ArcGIS Engine or Server.
Method Summary
 boolean equals(java.lang.Object o)
          Compare this object with another
 com.esri.arcgis.interop.Dispatch getJintegraDispatch()
          Deprecated. Internal use only.
 int hashCode()
          the hashcode for this object
 void onShutdown()
          Occurs when the application is shutting down.
 void release()
          Release a DllThreadManager.
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public DllThreadManager(java.lang.Object obj)
Construct a DllThreadManager using a reference to such an object returned from ArcGIS Engine or Server. This is semantically equivalent to casting obj to DllThreadManager.
Casting to this class from the return value of a method will not work, as this class represents an abstract class in ArcObjects.
DllThreadManager o = (DllThreadManager)obj; // will not work

DllThreadManager o = new DllThreadManager(obj); // Use this constructor instead
* @param obj an object returned from ArcGIS Engine or Server

Throws: - if there are interop problems DllThreadManager theDllThreadManager = (DllThreadManager) obj;
Method Detail


public boolean equals(java.lang.Object o)
Compare this object with another

equals in class java.lang.Object


public int hashCode()
the hashcode for this object

hashCode in class java.lang.Object


public com.esri.arcgis.interop.Dispatch getJintegraDispatch()
Deprecated. Internal use only.

Specified by:
getJintegraDispatch in interface com.esri.arcgis.interop.RemoteObjRef


public void release()
Release a DllThreadManager.

Specified by:
release in interface com.esri.arcgis.interop.RemoteObjRef


public void onShutdown()
Occurs when the application is shutting down. DLL threads should be terminated upon receiving this message.

Specified by:
onShutdown in interface IDllThreadManager
Throws: - If there are interop problems.
AutomationException - If the ArcObject component throws an exception.