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IAnimationTool Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IAnimationTool Interface

Provides access to properties and methods needed to control and manage the animation tool.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires Tracking Analyst Extension.


Name Description
Write-only property ActiveEngine Indicates which animation engine is currently active.
Read-only property ActiveEngine Indicates which animation engine is currently active.
Method CancelGeneration Allows the calling object to cancel the generation operation and terminate the generating thread.
Read-only property CurrentPhase A textual description of the current phase of the animation file generation.
Method DisplayConfigurationDlg Displays the configuration dialog for the animation tool.
Write-only property EndDate Indicates latest date used to create output animation frames.
Read-only property ErrorMessage Error message that appears in case an error occurs while generating animation.
Read-only property FileExtension Indicates extension of output file; e.g., AVI extension for an animation video file.
Read-only property FrameCount The number of frames to be generated based on the start and end times and the interval. For example, A difference of 10 minutes between start and end with a 1 minute step will generate 10 frames.
Method Generate Starts the animation generation process.
Read-only property IsConfigurable Indicates whether or not a selected animation engine is configurable within the animation tool.
Method ListAllEngines Lists all animation engines available to create output animation.
Write-only property OutputFileName Indicates name of the resulting output animation file or files.
Read/write property ParentWindow The handle ID to the parent window of this object.
Read/write property Playback Plays the animation on the map display as the animation tool generates the output file or files.
Method put_MxDocument The map document so the animation tool can access the active view (deprecated).
Method SetFrameSize Sets height and width of output frames (in pixels).
Write-only property StartDate Indicates earliest date used to create output animation frames.
Write-only property StepInterval Indicates the interval between frames in output animation.
Method Stop Stops generation of the output animation.

Classes that implement IAnimationTool

Classes Description
AnimationTool Controls functionality of the animation tool.