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TrackingAnalystUI (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Supported with:
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Basic with Tracking Analyst
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Standard with Tracking Analyst
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced with Tracking Analyst
Library dependencies: Version, System, SystemUI, Geometry, GraphicsCore, Display, Server, Output, Geodatabase, GISClient, DataSourcesFile, DataSourcesGDB, DataSourcesOleDB, DataSourcesRaster, DataSourcesNetCDF, GeoDatabaseDistributed, GeoDatabaseExtensions, Carto, NetworkAnalysis, Location, GeoAnalyst, Animation, Maplex, Geoprocessing, NetworkAnalyst, Schematic, SpatialAnalyst, 3DAnalyst, GlobeCore, EngineCore, TrackingAnalyst, Framework, Desktop.Addins, GeoDatabaseUI, DisplayUI, OutputUI, Search, Catalog, CatalogUI, CartoUI, DataSourcesRasterUI, ArcCatalog, ArcCatalogUI, ArcMap, ArcMapUI, AnimationUI, Editor, GeoReferenceUI, EditorExt, LocationUI, GeoDatabaseDistributedUI, GeoprocessingUI, OutputExtensions, OutputExtensionsUI, ArcScan, NetworkAnalystUI, SpatialAnalystUI, SchematicUI, 3DAnalystUI, ArcScene, GlobeCoreUI, ArcGlobe, Publisher, PublisherUI, MaplexUI

Additional library information: Contents, Object Model Diagram

The TrackingAnalystUI library provides user interfaces - such as property pages, commands, and tools - to support objects contained in the TrackingAnalyst library.
Developers do not extend this library.

See the following sections for more information about this namespace:

Temporal analysis

The temporal analysis interfaces provide access to the following tools. These tools allow you to display and analyze temporal data.
  • Playback Manager - The Playback Manager, which is controlled by TimeControl, allows you to control the settings for displaying fixed-time, and replaying real-time, temporal data.
  • Animation Wizard - The Animation Wizard, which is controlled by AnimationTool, allows you to record playback of temporal data on disk as either bitmap (BMP) frames or as an Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) video file.
  • Data Clock - The Tracking Analyst Data Clock wizard, which is controlled by DataClockChart, produces a circular chart representation of the temporal data. The chart is a table divided into cells and wrapped around a center point. The cells represent units of time you set in the wizard.

ArcCatalog tracking

The ArcCatalog tracking interfaces provide access to configuring connections to real-time data. To enable real-time data output, you must first set up a connection to the Tracking Server using the Tracking Analyst Add Tracking Server dialog box in ArcCatalog. After setting up a connection to the Tracking Server, you can add the real-time services as a layer in ArcMap.
The Tracking Server Connection Properties and Tracking Service Properties dialog boxes in ArcCatalog allow you to configure settings for the connection, as well as the tracking services it contains.

Action support

The action support interfaces provide access to Tracking Analyst actions. These actions allow you to perform event-based operations on temporal data. You can define certain criteria for the data, and any data that meets the criteria will have the action or actions applied. Location and attribute criteria can be used to apply a filter to features in a dataset from further processing, highlight or suppress display of the data, or perform a custom action that you can design in Visual Basic (VB).
Action can be applied to temporal data at three different points in the dataflow: at the layer in ArcMap, at the service in ArcCatalog, or at the server level in ArcIMS Tracking Server.