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PublisherUI (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Supported with:
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Basic with Publisher
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Standard with Publisher
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced with Publisher
Library dependencies: Version, System, SystemUI, Geometry, GraphicsCore, Display, Server, Output, Geodatabase, GISClient, DataSourcesFile, DataSourcesGDB, DataSourcesOleDB, DataSourcesRaster, DataSourcesNetCDF, GeoDatabaseDistributed, GeoDatabaseExtensions, Carto, NetworkAnalysis, Location, GeoAnalyst, Animation, Maplex, Geoprocessing, NetworkAnalyst, Schematic, SpatialAnalyst, 3DAnalyst, GlobeCore, EngineCore, TrackingAnalyst, Framework, Desktop.Addins, GeoDatabaseUI, DisplayUI, OutputUI, Search, Catalog, CatalogUI, CartoUI, DataSourcesRasterUI, ArcCatalog, ArcCatalogUI, ArcMap, ArcMapUI, AnimationUI, Editor, GeoReferenceUI, EditorExt, LocationUI, GeoDatabaseDistributedUI, GeoprocessingUI, OutputExtensions, OutputExtensionsUI, ArcScan, NetworkAnalystUI, SpatialAnalystUI, SchematicUI, 3DAnalystUI, ArcScene, GlobeCoreUI, ArcGlobe, Publisher

Additional library information: Contents, Object Model Diagram

The PublisherUI library provides user interfaces (UIs), including property pages, along with ArcCatalog and ArcMap commands to support objects contained in the Publisher library. PublisherUI is the application interface for the ArcGIS Publisher extension in ArcMap. Use the PublisherEngine and PackagerEngine classes in the Publisher library when developing with the Publisher extension.
Developers do not extend this library.