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IGxCachedObjects Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGxCachedObjects Interface

Provides access to members that load/release objects being cached for efficiency.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Method LoadCachedObjects Loads any objects that should be cached for efficiency.
Method ReleaseCachedObjects Releases any objects that have been cached for efficiency.

Classes that implement IGxCachedObjects

Classes Description
GxCadDataset A Cad Feature Class or Drawing dataset.
GxCoverageDataset A Coverage, Feature Class or Info Table dataset.
GxDatabase GxObject that represents a database.
GxDatabaseServerFolder Container for Database Servers.
GxDataset GxObject that represents a dataset.
GxDiskConnection GxObject that represents a disk connection.
GxExcelFile GxObject that represents a excel file.
GxFolder GxObject that represents a folder.
GxFolderConnections Container of folder connections.
GxGDSGeodatabase GxObject that represents an ArcGIS Geodatabase connection.
GxLayer GxObject that represents a layer.
GxMSDFile (esriCatalogUI) A MapServerDefinitionFile Dataset.
GxPCCoverage GxObject that represents PC Coverage.
GxRasterDataset A Gx Raster dataset.
GxRemoteDatabaseFolder Container of remote database workspaces.
GxSDCDataset A SDC feature dataset, feature class or table.
GxShapefileDataset A Shapefile Feature Class or DBase Table.
GxSpatialReferencesFolder Container of spatial references (PRJ files).
GxStreetMapDataset A StreetMap feature class.
GxTextFile GxObject that represents the text file.
GxTool Catalog object corresponding to geoprocessing tools.
GxToolbox Catalog object corresponding to toolboxes.
GxToolboxesFolder Catalog object corresponding to the System Toolboxes and My Toolboxes nodes.
GxToolboxesRoot Catalog object corresponding to root-level Toolboxes node.
GxToolset Catalog object corresponding to toolsets.
GxVpfDataset A VPF Feature Class.
GxWorkspaceFolder GxObject that represents a workspace folder.
IMSFeatureClass GxObject that represents ArcIMS Feature Class.
SearchResults GxObject that represents the search result. This object is not supported on ArcGIS version 10.1. or later.
SearchResultsRoot A container for search results. This object is not supported on ArcGIS version 10.1. or later.