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IGxCatalog Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGxCatalog Interface

Provides access to members that manages a GX catalog.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


The GxCatalog object implements the IGxCatalog interface. It lets you connect and disconnect folder objects. It also maintains the file filter associated with ArcCatalog.

The GxCatalog object represents your actual tree of data, as is shown in the tree view (the top-level object in the tree view). From the GxCatalog object, you can navigate to any of its descendants to access and manipulate them. The GxCatalog object is a type of GxObject and a type of GxObjectContainer because it is an item in the tree view and it contains additional GxObjects.

The GxCatalog object is also an event source, as it monitors the adding, deleting, and changing of the GxObjects within the Catalog through the IGxCatalogEvents interface.


Name Description
Method Close Closes the catalog object. Clients that create a catalog object must call this method when they are finished using it.
Method ConnectFolder Adds a folder connection to the catalog and returns the folder object.
Method ConstructFullName Constructs the full name for an object.
Method DisconnectFolder Removes a folder connection from the catalog.
Read-only property FileFilter The file filter.
Method GetObjectFromFullName Finds an object in the catalog tree given its full name. Returns a Variant containing an IGxObject or IEnumGxObject (if duplicate names were encountered), along with the number of objects found.
Write-only property Location The location to the specified path. If the path isn't yet part of the catalog, it is added as a folder connection.
Method ObjectAdded Called when a new object has been added to part of the catalog.
Method ObjectChanged Called when an existing object from part of the catalog has been changed.
Method ObjectDeleted Called when an existing object has been deleted from part of the catalog.
Method ObjectRefreshed Called when an existing object has been refreshed.
Read-only property SelectedObject The first selected object, or the location if no objects are selected.
Read-only property Selection The selection.

Classes that implement IGxCatalog

Classes Description
GxCatalog GxObject that represents the catalog.

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