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IGxObjectFactory Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGxObjectFactory Interface

Provides access to members that define a GxObject factory.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Name Description
Write-only property Catalog Attach the catalog to the object factory.
Method GetChildren Returns an enumeration of objects corresponding to one or more of the given file names supported by the object factory.
Method HasChildren Indicates if any of the specified files are supported by the object factory.
Read-only property Name The name of the object factory.

Classes that implement IGxObjectFactory

Classes Description
GxAGSConnectionFactory Esri GxAGSConnection object factory.
GxCadFactory Gx Cad Feature Class and Drawing object factory.
GxCoverageFactory Gx Coverage, Feature Class and INFO Table object factory.
GxDatabaseFactory Esri GxDatabase object factory.
GxDataGraphFactory Data graph GxObject factory.
GxExcelFactory Esri GxExcel object factory.
GxFeatureDefinitionPackageFactory Esri GxFeatureDefinitionPackage object factory.
GxFileFactory Esri GxFile object factory.
GxGeoprocessingFileFactory GX Geoprocessing File object factory.
GxGeoprocessingResultFactory Esri GxGeoprocessingResult object factory.
GxIMSConnectionFactory Esri GxIMSConnection object factory.
GxLayerFactory Esri GxLayer object factory.
GxLocatorFactory (esriLocationUI) A class that generates locator GxObjects for ArcCatalog.
GxMapFactory Esri GxMap object factory.
GxMetadataFactory A factory for creating GxMetadata objects to show XML files in the Catalog.
GxMSDFileFactory (esriCatalogUI) Gx Object Factory for MapServerDefinitionFile Datasets.
GxPackageFactory Layer or Map Package object factory.
GxPCCoverageFactory Esri GxPCCoverage object factory.
GxPre70CoverageFactory Esri GxPre70Coverage object factory.
GxPrjFileFactory Esri GxPrjFile object factory.
GxRasterFileSystemFactory Gx Raster File System object factory.
GxReportFactory Report object factory.
GxSDCFactory Gx SDC object factory.
GxServiceDefinitionFactory Service definition object factory.
GxShapefileFactory Gx Object Factory for Shapefile Feature Classes and DBase Tables.
GxShortcutFactory Esri GxShortcut object factory. This object is not supported on ArcGIS version 10.1. or later.
GxSpatialWeightsMatrixFileFactory Spatial weights matrix file object factory.
GxStreetMapFactory Gx StreetMap object factory.
GxTextFileFactory Esri GxTextFile object factory.
GxToolboxFactory GX Toolbox object factory.
GxVpfFactory Gx VPF Feature Datasets and Table object factory.
GxWCSConnectionFactory Gx Object Factory for GxWCSConnections.
GxWMSConnectionFactory Gx Object Factory for GxWMSConnections.
GxWMTSConnectionFactory Gx Object Factory for GxWMTSConnections.