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IRasterAnalysisEnvironment Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IRasterAnalysisEnvironment Interface

Provides access to members that control the environment for raster analysis.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Read/write property DefaultOutputRasterPrefix The default output raster prefix.
Read/write property DefaultOutputVectorPrefix The default output vector prefix.
Method GetCellSize Gets the type and value of cell size in the RasterAnalysis.
Method GetCellSizeAndExtent define a cell size at the given location in the given sr (sr of pE). pE can be empty if only its SR is used.
Method GetExtent Gets the type and values of extent in the RasterAnalysis.
Method IsCSInOutSR Returns S_OK if cell size sr is same as output sr
Read/write property Mask Mask allows processing to occur only for a selected set of cells.
Read/write property OutSpatialReference The output spatial reference of GeoAnalysis.
Read/write property OutWorkspace The output workspace of GeoAnalysis.
Method Reset Remove all previously stored default rasteranalysis environments.
Method RestoreToPreviousDefaultEnvironment Restores to the previous default raster analysis environment.
Method SetAsNewDefaultEnvironment Sets the raster analysis environment of the object as new default environment.
Method SetCellSize Sets the type and value of cell size in the RasterAnalysis.
Method SetCellSizeAndExtent define a cell size at the given location in the given sr (sr of pE). pE can be empty if only its SR is used.
Method SetExtent Sets the type and values of extent in the RasterAnalysis.
Read/write property VerifyType The verify type of the RasterAnalysis.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGeoAnalysisEnvironment Provides access to members that control the GeoAnalysis environment.

Classes that implement IRasterAnalysisEnvironment

Classes Description
GridTableOp Esri grid VAT operations class.
RasterAnalysis A collection of information about the raster analysis environment.
RasterConditionalOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing conditional operations on rasters.
RasterConversionOp Esri raster conversion and import operations class.
RasterDensityOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing density operations on rasters.
RasterDistanceOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing distance operations on rasters.
RasterExtractionOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing operations that extract cells from rasters.
RasterGeneralizeOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing simplifying operations on rasters.
RasterGroundwaterOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing groundwater operations on rasters.
RasterHydrologyOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing hydrological operations on rasters.
RasterInterpolationOp Raster interpolation operation class.
RasterLocalOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing local operations on rasters.
RasterMakerOp A mechanism for generating rasters.
RasterMapAlgebraOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing MapAlgebra operations on rasters.
RasterMathOps (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing mathematical operations on rasters.
RasterMathSupportOp Raster mathematic support operation class.
RasterModel A mechanism that allows scripting of operations, and inclusion of non-raster input/output formats (feature data, tables, etc).
RasterMultivariateOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing multivariate operations on rasters.
RasterNeighborhoodOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing neighbourhood operations on rasters.
RasterReclassOp Raster Reclass operation class.
RasterSettings (esriSpatialAnalystUI) Raster Settings object to hold seetings in an application.
RasterSurfaceOp Raster surface operation class.
RasterTransformationOp Esri Transformation operations class.
RasterZonalOp (esriSpatialAnalyst) A mechanism for performing zonal operations on rasters.