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ITemporalRenderer Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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ITemporalRenderer Interface

Provides access to methods and properties needed to apply symbology with temporal color as well as standard Esri symbology.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Tracking Analyst Extension.


Name Description
Method CanRender Indicates if the specified feature class can be rendered on the given display.
Method CanRenderComponent Uses the renderer from component tree in symbology dialog to determine if this renderer can be used with this component.
Read/write property ComponentSets Used to contain the properties of all of the various temporal renderers.
Read/write property DisplayFutureEvents Indicates whether or not future events are drawn on the map in real-time mode.
Method Draw Draws features from the specified cursor on the given display.
Write-only property ExclusionSet An object reference to a temporary drawing exclusion set.
Write-only property FromPropertyPages Indicates who is making the request for the legend: the property pages.
Read/write property ObservationRenderer Renders observation symbology using functionality of standard Esri symbology system.
Method PrepareFilter Prepares the query filter for the rendering process.
Read-only property RenderPhase Indicates if renderer uses the specified draw phase.
Method SetMostCurrentFIDs Method SetMostCurrentFIDs.
Read/write property ShowObservationLegendGroup Controls whether or not the observation legend is drawn in the table of contents.
Read/write property ShowTimeLegendGroup Controls access to the time legend group.
Read-only property SymbolByFeature Symbol used to draw the specified feature.
Read/write property TemporalFieldName Identifies the temporal field, which must be a field type whoe data can be converted to a date value.
Read/write property TemporalLegend Points to a Temporal Legend class that defines how symbology is rendered temporally.
Read/write property TemporalObjectColumnName Indicates the feature class column that identifies or groups temporal observations with time series.
Read/write property TemporalPerspective A timestamp that the temporal renderer uses to compare its time ranges stored in the temporal legend's temporal classes.
Read/write property TimeSymbologyMethod Controls how temporal characteristics are symbolized: by none, color, transparency, shape, or size.

Classes that implement ITemporalRenderer

Classes Description
CoTrackSymbologyRenderer Symbolizes temporal based features and tracks in order to identify temporal feature characteristics in relation to the temporal reference.