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esriCFCogoAttributeField Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriCFCogoAttributeField Constants

Cadastral Cogo Table Attribute Import Fields.

Constant Value Description
esriCFCogoNodeHASH 0 Cogo node # field. If not set, the input feature class name is used with # appended.
esriCFCogoNodeLINEPNTPARCEL 1 Line point parcel id. Null or -1 means the point isn't a line point, otherwise it's the parent parcel id [optional].
esriCFCogoNodeCATEGORY 2 Cogo node Category field [optional].
esriCFCogoArcFNODE 10 Cogo line From-Node field.
esriCFCogoArcTNODE 11 Cogo line To-Node field.
esriCFCogoArcLPOLY 12 Cogo line Left-Polygon field.
esriCFCogoArcRPOLY 13 Cogo line Right-Polygon field.
esriCFCogoArcANGLE 14 Cogo line Direction or Bearing field.
esriCFCogoArcDISTANCE 15 Cogo line Distance field.
esriCFCogoArcRADIUS 16 Cogo line Radius field.
esriCFCogoArcDELTA 17 Cogo line Delta field. Central Angle of the circular curve.
esriCFCogoArcARCLENGTH 18 Cogo line ArcLength field.
esriCFCogoArcSIDE 19 Cogo line Side field. Curve towards the left (L) or right (R). Counter-clockwise, or clockwise respectively.
esriCFCogoArcCATEGORY 20 Cogo line Category field [optional].
esriCFCogoArcACCURACYCAT 21 Cogo line Accuracy Category field [optional].
esriCFCogoArcCALCULATED 22 Cogo line Calculated field [optional].
esriCFCogoArcTYPE 23 Cogo line Type field [optional].
esriCFCogoPolygonHASH 30 Cogo node # field. If not set, the input feature class name is used with # appended.
esriCFCogoPolygonAREA 31 Cogo polygon Area field [optional].
esriCFCogoPolygonPIN 32 Cogo polygon Pin field.
esriCFCogoPolygonPLAN 33 Cogo polygon Plan field [optional].
esriCFCogoPolygonACCURACYCAT 34 Cogo polygon Accurancy Category field [optional].
esriCFCogoPolygonTYPE 35 Cogo polygon Type field [optional].
esriCFCogoPolygonHISTORIC 36 Cogo polygon Historic field [optional].
esriCFCogoPolygonLEGALSTARTDATE 37 Cogo polygon Legal Start Date field [optional].
esriCFCogoPolygonLEGALENDDATE 38 Cogo polygon Legal End Date field [optional].

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.