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Cadastral (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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Supported with:
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Standard
  • ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced
Library dependencies: Version, System, SystemUI, Geometry, GraphicsCore, Display, Server, Output, Geodatabase, GISClient, DataSourcesFile, DataSourcesGDB, DataSourcesOleDB, DataSourcesRaster, DataSourcesNetCDF, GeoDatabaseDistributed, GeoDatabaseExtensions, Carto, NetworkAnalysis, Location, GeoAnalyst, Animation, Maplex, Geoprocessing, NetworkAnalyst, Schematic, SpatialAnalyst, 3DAnalyst, GlobeCore, EngineCore, TrackingAnalyst, Framework, Desktop.Addins, GeoDatabaseUI, DisplayUI, OutputUI, Search, Catalog, CatalogUI, CartoUI, DataSourcesRasterUI, ArcCatalog, ArcCatalogUI, ArcMap, ArcMapUI, AnimationUI, Editor, GeoReferenceUI, EditorExt, LocationUI, GeoDatabaseDistributedUI, GeoprocessingUI, OutputExtensions, OutputExtensionsUI, ArcScan, NetworkAnalystUI, SpatialAnalystUI, SchematicUI, 3DAnalystUI, ArcScene, GlobeCoreUI, ArcGlobe, Publisher, PublisherUI, MaplexUI, TrackingAnalystUI, GeoSurvey

Additional library information: Contents, Object Model Diagram

The Cadastral library contains objects used for importing control point data and land parcel data into a parcel fabric. This library is also used for managing the feature classes that are associated with the parcel fabric and that are a part of the Feature Adjustment structure. This includes the ability to perform feature adjustment using the CadastralTransformation class.
Parcel fabrics are also known as cadastral fabrics. In general, the terms "parcel fabric" and "parcel editor" are used when referring to the product and user interface (UI). The terms "cadastral fabric" and "cadastral editor" are used in reference to the underlying library classes, properties, and methods.
The main classes of the Cadastral library are described in the following sections.

See the following sections for more information about this namespace:


This class imports coordinates from various geodatabase sources into a parcel fabric's control fabric class. The source data can be a feature class, an X, Y, or Z field in a table, or a shape field in a feature class. The field mappings are customizable.


This class imports fabric source data into a parcel fabric. An example of a fabric source is a coordinate geometry (COGO) coverage. The field mappings are customizable.


This class is used by the cadastral importer classes to perform the necessary unit and format conversions.


Use this class to add, remove, and manage feature classes and their adjustment levels with respect to the feature adjustment vectors table of the parcel fabric.


Use this class to obtain information about the vector sets that have been stored for the parcel fabric.


This class adjusts specific feature classes up to the specified adjustment level defined in the CadastralTransformationData object in the GeodatabaseExtensions library.