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esriControlsMousePointer Constants (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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esriControlsMousePointer Constants

Control mouse pointer options.

Constant Value Description
esriPointerParentWindow -1 pointer specified on the parent window or form.
esriPointerDefault 0 Default pointer, same as arrow.
esriPointerArrow 1 Standard arrow.
esriPointerCrosshair 2 Crosshair.
esriPointerIBeam 3 I-Beam.
esriPointerIcon 4 Icon.
esriPointerSize 5 Size, four-pointed arrow pointing north, south, east and west.
esriPointerSizeNESW 6 Size NE-SW, double arrow pointing north-east and south-west.
esriPointerSizeNS 7 Size N-S, double arrow pointing north and south.
esriPointerSizeNWSE 8 Size NW-SE, double arrow pointing north-west and south-east.
esriPointerSizeWE 9 Size W-E, double arrow pointing west and east.
esriPointerUpArrow 10 Arrow pointing vertically up.
esriPointerHourglass 11 Hourglass, wait cursor.
esriPointerNoDrop 12 Circle with slash through it or a no entry sign.
esriPointerArrowHourglass 13 Standard arrow and small hourglass.
esriPointerArrowQuestion 14 Arrow and question mark.
esriPointerSizeAll 15 Size all, a four-pointed arrow pointing north, south, east and west.
esriPointerZoom 50 Zoom, a magnifying glass.
esriPointerZoomIn 51 Zoom in, a magnifying glass with a plus sign.
esriPointerZoomOut 52 Zoom out, a magnifying glass with a minus sign.
esriPointerPan 53 Pan, a hand.
esriPointerPanning 54 Panning, a clenched hand.
esriPointerIdentify 55 Identify, arrow with information symbol.
esriPointerLabel 56 Label, arrow with letter A.
esriPointerHotLink 57 Hot-Link, lightening strike.
esriPointerPencil 58 Pencil.
esriPointerHand 59 Hand, closed hand with index finger pointing vertically.
esriPointerPageZoomIn 60 Page zoom In, magnifying glass with plus sign and a small page.
esriPointerPageZoomOut 61 Page zoom out, magnifying glass with minus sign and a small page.
esriPointerPagePan 62 Page pan, open hand with page symbol.
esriPointerPagePanning 63 Page pan, closed hand with page symbol.
esriPointerCustom 99 Custom icon specified by the MouseIcon property.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine.

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