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tagFUNCDESC Structure (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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tagFUNCDESC Structure


[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Sub New ( _
   memid As Integer,
   lprgscode As IntPtr,
   lprgelemdescParam As IntPtr,
   funckind As tagFUNCKIND,
   invkind As tagINVOKEKIND,
   callconv As tagCALLCONV,
   cParams As Short,
   cParamsOpt As Short,
   oVft As Short,
   cScodes As Short,
   elemdescFunc As tagELEMDESC,
   wFuncFlags As ushort
public tagFUNCDESC {
   int memid,
   IntPtr lprgscode,
   IntPtr lprgelemdescParam,
   tagFUNCKIND funckind,
   tagINVOKEKIND invkind,
   tagCALLCONV callconv,
   short cParams,
   short cParamsOpt,
   short oVft,
   short cScodes,
   tagELEMDESC elemdescFunc,
   ushort wFuncFlags
typedef struct tagFUNCDESC { } tagFUNCDESC;

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop. Requires Tracking Analyst Extension.