Class Summary
AddItem Adds a new blank or zero item to a new or existing INFO table.
AddXY Adds the items X-COORD and Y-COORD for labels or points to the input coverage PAT, or for nodes to the input coverage NAT, and calculates their values.
AggregatePolygons Combines disjoint and adjacent polygons into new area features based on a distance.
Append Combines an unlimited number of coverages into a single coverage.
ArcDLG Creates a Digital Line Graph from a coverage.
ArcRoute Creates a route system by creating whole arc sections for each arc in the input coverage and can also be used to append arcs to an existing route system.
ArcS57 Converts ArcC/Info coverages to S-57 object files.
Buffer Creates buffer polygons around specified input coverage features.
Build Creates or updates feature attribute tables and polygon topology.
Clean Generates a coverage with correct polygon or arc–node topology.
Clip Uses the outside polygon boundary of the clip coverage to cookie-cut features and attributes from the input coverage.
CollapseDualLinesToCenterline Derives centerlines (single lines) from dual-line features, such as road casings, based on specified width tolerances.
Create Creates a new coverage.
CreateLabels Creates label points for polygons that have no labels and assigns each a User-ID.
DefineProjection Records the coordinate system information of the Input Coverage including any associated projection parameters, such as datum and spheroid.
Dissolve Creates a new coverage by merging adjacent polygons, lines, or regions that have the same value for a specified item.
DLGArc Converts a Standard or Optional formatted Digital Line Graph (DLG) file to a coverage.
DropIndex Drops an attribute index from the specified item and INFO table.
DropItem Deletes one or more items from an INFO table.
Eliminate Merges the selected polygons with neighboring polygons if they have the largest shared border or the largest area.
Erase Creates a new output coverage by overlaying the polygons of the erase coverage with the features of the input coverage.
Export Converts a coverage to an interchange file for transfer to another platform.
FindConflicts Finds where simplified buildings overlap or are too close to each other, based on a specified distance.
Generate Generates a coverage from coordinates stored in a file.
IDEdit Updates User-IDs in a coverage after they have been modified in a feature attribute table.
Identity Computes the geometric intersection of two coverages.
Import Converts an ARC/INFO export interchange file.
IndexItem Creates an attribute index to increase access speed to the specified item during query operations.
Intersect Computes the geometric intersection of two coverages.
JoinItem Joins the item definitions and values of two tables based on a shared item.
Near Computes the distance from each point in a coverage to the nearest arc, point, or node in another coverage.
PointDistance Computes the point-to-point distance between each point in a coverage to all points in the same or another coverage within a specified search radius.
PointNode Performs a spatial JOINITEM on the point coverage and the node coverage.
PolyRegion Converts polygons to regions in a one-to-one mapping in a region subclass.
Project Changes the coordinate system of your coverage including its datum or spheroid.
RegionClass Converts arcs to preliminary regions in a new or existing coverage or appends preliminary regions to an existing region subclass.
RegionPoly Converts a region subclass to a polygon coverage and creates an INFO table containing overlapping region information.
Renode Updates arc–node topology by renumbering nodes for the input coverage arcs and identifies arcs that share the same node locations.
Reselect Extracts selected features from an input coverage and stores them in the output coverage.
S57Arc Converts data from S-57 format to Arc/Iinfo coverages.
SDTSExport Creates a Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS).
SDTSImport Creates ArcGIS coverages or grids from a Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) Topological Vector Profile (TVP) or Point Profile Transfer.
SimplifyBuilding Simplifies the boundary or footprint of building polygons while maintaining their essential shape and size.
SimplifyLineOrPolygon Simplifies a line or a polygon boundary by removing small fluctuations or extraneous bends from it while preserving its essential shape.
Split Clips portions of the input coverage into multiple coverages.
Thiessen Converts input coverage points to an output coverage of Thiessen proximal polygons.
TigerArc Converts a set of U.S.
TigerTool Converts a set of U.S.
Tolerance Sets a coverage's tolerances.
Transform Moves all features in a coverage based on a set of from and to control points.
Ungenerate Creates a text file of x,y coordinates from the input coverage.
Union Computes the geometric intersection of two polygon coverages.
Update Replaces the input coverage areas with the update coverage polygons using a cut and paste operation.
VPFExport Converts a coverage into either a Vector Product Format (VPF) Coverage or VPF Tile.
VPFImport Converts a VPF table to an INFO table, or converts either an untiled VPF coverage or VPF tile to an ARC/INFO coverage.
VPFTile Creates cross-tile topology for all tiled coverages in a Vector Product Format (VPF) database library, or topology for an individual tile in a VPF library.