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IGlobeDisplayLayers2 Interface (ArcObjects .NET 10.8 SDK)
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IGlobeDisplayLayers2 Interface

Provides extended access to members that manipulate globe display layers.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Name Description
Method AddLayer Adds a layer.
Method ApplyHeightProperties Applies changes in height properties to the layer.
Read-only property BaseLayers The internal layers created to support base surfaces for floating layers.
Method CalculateLayerExtent Calculates the extent of a layer in Globe spatial reference.
Method ConfigureBaseLayer Configures the globe properties for a possible base surface layer.
Method CountTiles Counts the number of possible layer tiles in the specified levels of detail.
Method DisableWhenNavigating Controls if a layer is fully enabled during interactive navigation.
Method FindGlobeProperties Finds the globe properties of the layer.
Write-only property FloatingOrder The drawing order of floating layers.
Method GenerateTiles Generates the tiles in the specified levels of detail.
Read/write property GenerateTilesOverwrites Overwrite option when using the GenerateTiles method.
Method GetFeatureTransformation Gets the transformation of a specific feature.
Method GetFeatureVisibility Gets the visibility of a specific feature.
Method GetInternalGlobeIndex Gets the index of the internal globe that the layer belongs to.
Method GetMaximumLayerLOD Gets the maximum level of detail to display the layer.
Write-only property ImageDrawingPriority The drawing priority for image layers in the base globe.
Write-only property ImageSamplingMode The resampling option for image layers.
Method InvalidateExtent Invalidates layer tiles in the given extent and levels of detail. Redraws display if requested, optionally waiting until the tiles are regenerated.
Write-only property IsLayerVisible Indicates if the layer is visible.
Write-only property LayerTransparency Transparency percentage of a layer.
Read-only property ParentsAreVisible Indicates if all parents are visible.
Write-only property PerTileVisibility The per-tile visibility option for layers.
Method RefreshLayer Refreshes a layer, possibly including recaching.
Method RefreshLayerSelection Refreshes the display of the selection in a layer.
Method RefreshTextureObjectsLayer Deletes all the textures corresponding to a layer and to force them to reload.
Method RemoveLayer Removes a layer.
Method Reparent Re-parents the layer.
Write-only property Scale3DSymbols Indicates if the 3D symbols in a layer are scaled down with distance.
Method SetFeatureTransformation Sets a transformation for a specific feature.
Method SetFeatureVisibility Sets the visibility of a specific feature.
Method SetLayerDepthPriority Sets face depth priority of a layer.
Method SetLayerFaceCulling Sets face culling property of a layer.
Method SetLayerLightingOption Indicates if the layer is illuminated.
Method SetLayerShadingMode Indicates if the layer is smoothly shaded.
Write-only property StrictOnDemandMode Strict on-demand mode of a layer tile generation.
Write-only property TextureCompressionType Sets texture compression type of a layer.
Write-only property TextureDisplayType Sets texture display type of a layer.
Write-only property TextureDownsamplingFactor Sets texture down-sampling factor of a layer.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IGlobeDisplayLayers Provides access to members that manipulate globe display layers.

Classes that implement IGlobeDisplayLayers2

Classes Description
GlobeDisplay The globe display object.